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Trapezoidal Inclination
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I can’t take the time to properly describe my feelings about the site Futility Closet, but there was this post and after reading it, I sent him this submission:

Saw this one on the 9th:

    Exhausted, you go to bed at 8 p.m., but you don’t want to miss an
appointment at 10 a.m. the next day, so you set your alarm clock for
9. How many hours do you sleep?

    Answer: 1

In that vein, thought I'd submit this follow-up:

Q: A car going east at 30mph leaves the same time as a car traveling north
from that same point at 60mph. After two hours, how far apart are they?

A: This is impossible, because a "car" is a fanciful Notion not yet
Invented, and we are pleased to travel upon our Friend the gentle Horse,
as the Lord has seen fit to Provide.

I know this is probably only of interest and amusement to myself, but that’s sort of in the same spirit of FC anyway.

There’s National Report, which apparently is a satire site, and they posted this article: City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law. The topic itself is already questionable; the first paragraph makes it moreso; the second paragraph should be enough to make anyone think, “oh right, it’s satire”:

The new law could see citizens stoned for adultery or having a limb amputated for theft. Lesser offenses, such as drinking alcohol or abortion, could result in flogging and/or caning. In addition, the law imposes harsh laws with regards to women and allows for child marriage.

However, common sense didn’t get in the way of this obvious made-up story resulting in thousands of phone calls and emails to the Dearborn City Hall.

Also, for bonus fun, the mayor of Dearborn issued a statement blaming National Report for the calls and emails. A big goddamn shame that someone writes a joke saying “Dearborn is cutting off limbs for stealing” and “allows for child marriage” and it’s called their fault when people take it seriously.

All this Sharia law dumbfuckery reminds me of that comic I drew that I’m quite proud of, which I’ll repost here — except this one has a different third-from-last panel which I think I like better.


From Salon: “A federal judge has blocked Oklahoma’s proposed constitutional amendment to block state judges from considering Sharia or international law when handing down decisions, ruling that the ban violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.”

The following is a dramatization of how all that happened, probably.




Huh, some days I can’t get much response out of Facebook. Anyway, I put this ad together for sswhat and I think it’s pretty cool:


Got a new brush marker that I’m enjoying, so continuing with the idea of committing to finish a thing, I started this and decided I was going to fill the page with it:

I decided that I would only draw s.s.what using brush markers on 32-lb Southworth ivory paper. Actually “decided” is probably a strong word for it — if I have any artist in me, it’s expressed mostly as uncontrolled eccentricities in lieu of actual talent, and for whatever reason there’s some part of my brain that has decided that these pens and that paper is the “correct” combination for the comic, so that’s what has to happen.

I like the varied-line feel of brush markers, but only started using them recently (in fact that’s half the reason the comic started at all, not for doing a comic but for having something to draw with them). But clearly I’m not really using them properly for the comic. I wanted the art to be different from my usual style, something tactile and organic — probably why I decided on the heavy paper, actually, because it’s heavy and textured and makes itself known as part of the process more than standard paper would. But really, for the comic, I seem to be using the markers less as brushes and more as felt tips that get mushy quickly.

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Back in 2006 holy Christ back in 2006? Where does the time go already okay.

Back in 2006 I wrote a jingle for The Ninja Zombie Show, which was inspired by a Scribs question, the particulars of which currently escape me.  I also drew this about that:

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So it started much like Scribs did, really — a doodle with legs. I got in an unusual drawin’ mood, and after I did four or six of them, I looked at them and said, hey, I am entertained by this. So I kept going.

I started thinking about how I could put it online, and I liked the continuous presentation idea in my head — not a strip per page with the usual forward/back navigation, but one big page that you scroll through everything. One of my pet peeves about having a comic per page is that I feel like the person dropping in the middle of a story arc might not go back, and miss context. Or if they do, they step back one at a time, which gives them the story arc exactly reversed. The continuous format doesn’t solve it, but it makes it easier to slide around the timeline.

And I pictured the lazy load effect in my head as well, which I thought was pretty cool. Those images can actually load a lot faster, I have the javascript slow down the image views so you can see the animation. I think it was the idea of the image animation that actually pushed me into creating a website for it. I laughed at myself — ah Christ I’m buying another domain apparently.

But what to call it? I engaged the random generator in my head and “sswhat” dropped out. That dude I’m drawing started as a margin doodle in college, and has kind of an unfortunate name I don’t like anymore, but his initials are S.S. So “s. s. what” is kinda, “okay, this guy, and what the hell?” I was surprised to find there was a six-letter domain still available (even if it is basically nonsense), so that pretty much sealed it.

At the moment it’s on a M-W-F update schedule, and right now I have enough drawn to go through to mid-August. I am tempted to make it a weekday update thing, but…ugh I just don’t trust myself being able to continue making them to keep up with five updates a week. Though if I switched to that right now, it’d be enough updates til July 10…mm. Don’t know. Still pondering.

Hm, I could talk about the site itself later I suppose; right now I should constrain myself to the puzzle solution.

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