Oh, this site, this site!

Remember when a person could reach into the soft Earth and pull forth a web-site, fully formed, using naught but your own hands and BBEdit and like Transmit or something, geez I dunno I can't even remember anymore

Anyway my point is I had a popular site in the late 20th Century, then it wasn't, then hackers came and runed some of my best stuff, and I fixed what was left, then they ruined it again, and then I fixed it, and then they ruined it again and then I realized I just didn't care enough to keep up the arms race.

But now I'm typing this from August 2020, in Covid times, and I'm maybe just bored enough to at least try to get some old stuff operational. Mostly I'm feeling an itch to do something with Scribs, because I went through all the trouble of getting the domain and occasionally they still nag me from the part of my brain the live in. (But not really in a nagging way, just kinda a gently cajoling...well anyway.)

So I have it in my head to put together what I can, using just basic technologies that are not generally hack-prone so...I dunno, so it can just be here I guess. In the meantime you can try muddling through whatever links leftover still work down there and I may get around to making some of it work again, though none of us should be holding our breath over it. At the moment anything other than this page on the spinnwebe.com site isn't working, because I had a really nice standard mysql-driven header/footer thing goin that probably stopped working for security reasons sometime in 2016.


SpinnWebe is kinda archivy these days. I scaled back to just a Wordpress blog for a while, but apparently its security is pretty crap, so repeated hacks and loss of content kinda drained my will to keep things updated. Maintaining the site would mean joining the global arms race, so bleh.

So, unless and until I ever crawl out of my creative pit and do something again, here at least is a bit of history:

Up-to-date Abe Vigoda status.
Music things I've done.
Things that amuse me somehow? I barely understand it myself.
Things I wrote. Some of them seem really naive now, but eh.
It's A Dysfunctional Life
A group caption entry feature I made after the Dysfunctional Family Circus was no longer a thing.

Newer things, but defunct at the moment, so I guess it's equivalent really:

Scribs, a comic. Though as I write this the actual archive isn't there, since some hacker erased my comic data and I haven't got around to recreating it. But given I went through the trouble of tracking down the guy who owned that domain and buying it from him, I really should get that together.
s.s. what
A comic I did with the direction of treating it like stream of consciousness. Seems like I killed my interest once I started thinking of actual plots and arcs. But I still like it, and like the way I did the comic loader, so I may get back to it. Maybe put the feed in your favorite RSS reader if you care to know if I do.