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Reginald lamented the passing of moustache wax, he truly did. —Paul Roub Link for this caption
Tonight on the Al-Qaeda Senior Tour, members attempt to drive a pontoon boat into the Mercantile Exchange, with hilarious results. (repeat) —agent orange Link for this caption
Mr. Moby, I just asked for an autograph. Please stop hugging me. —William Wayne Webb Link for this caption
For those long voyages, remember to pack an extra Asian child. —Torc. (first self-salvage attempt of the new era) Link for this caption
Ed was mortified when he realized that an asian lamprey had been brazenly attached to his scalp for the duration of the tour. —Lloyd Link for this caption
To ensure the survival of his faith, the Dalai Llama travelled the world, budding off clones in every major country. —Magus Link for this caption
Preliminary tests of the Thunderbox proved ineffectual at combating the growing problem of Bartertown jaywalking. —Lloyd Link for this caption
Tom knew he was stoned, but was still fairly confident this was not the Amsterdam canal cruise he had been promised. —dALY Link for this caption
"Say George, what do you think that cloud looks like?" "Dear, that's the library." —Zach the Conqueror Link for this caption
Gosh, I don?t know, they?re all so cute. I think maybe I?ll take the one at the back. Do you sell leashes too? —Nyder Link for this caption
At the next stop, the Shirtorium quickly sold out of "I'm with Stupid." —Torc. Link for this caption
Little did anyone realize Abe Vigoda's secret of everlasting youth was the blood of Malaysian children. —Dumpster Link for this caption
With Gertrude peacefully oblivious, the pair of brain-sucking homunculi continued to eat away at Geoffrey's head, and his patience. —wuxia otter Link for this caption
Bill would have enjoyed the tour more if not for the little bastard who kept kissing the back of his head. —rudy Link for this caption
As the polymer-eating bacteria finished dissolving the boat's canopy, Akbar knew it would only be moments before they got to his hairpiece ... and his date would know the horrid truth! —Riff - Aaaaaand we're back Link for this caption
From CBS' new comedy Mujibar in the Middle! —Riff - Aaaaaand we're back Link for this caption
"Cold day...low tourist, I'll never sell this kid." —Torc. Link for this caption
"Dang, Magda, you are to be getting feeling of watched being?" —Doctor X (Yeah, my first few'll be rusty.) Link for this caption
Fred sat patiently, desperately trying to conceal his excitement. He had successfully smuggled a toddler onboard, and now all he had to do was wait for his chance to make Houston Transit Authority history. —memo Link for this caption
"Can I interest you fine folks in some of my signature beef-on-a-stick? What's that? Oh... Oh. I see." —Maus Link for this caption
Though a noticeable decrease in drag was measured, it was decided after this test run that the final bullet train design should have walls and a ceiling. —Ron Link for this caption
Welcome to Twentieth Century World! Above your head, you'll see what we used before cable television was invented. —The Mad Puffin Link for this caption
Aunt Tilly, still perplexed as to why they'd fill a perfectly good fortune cookie with a foul tasting piece of paper. —rudy Link for this caption
Hunter S. Thompson, in his prank-du-gras, had been planning to throw a small child at Dame Edna for years. —Deathbyvegas Link for this caption
After the vampire explained his dietary difficulties to the cruise director, a suitable alternative to the peanut packet was found. —Bosch Link for this caption
"Step 1: Feed child Pop Rocks, Alka Seltzer and root beer. Step 2: throw child." Roger suspected his copy of "The Anarchist's Cookbook." —Ryan Link for this caption

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