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I don't see it...which one is "before"? —Torc. Link for this caption
Sammy and Nate are about to demonstrate their awesome nut-a-pults. —William F*in Speechless Link for this caption
North and South Korea were the first to fall under the U.N.'s new Dispute Resolution Protocols. —Anonomous Link for this caption
The human compasses pointed up for north, down for south, and straight out for Angelina Jolie. —Pandemic Link for this caption
If this is your way of explaining the Physics of electricity and magnetism, sign me up! —William F*in Speechless Link for this caption
After years without a single sale, a single airing of this advertisement resulted in the Ronco Eye-Gouger shipping 25,000 units. —Stefan Jones Link for this caption
Why never really got off the ground. —William F*in Speechless Link for this caption
"Oh Neville I can't go out like this, this zit's embarassing!" —Anonomouse Link for this caption
The sad thing is these guys will both get through airport security faster than I ever could. —Torc. Link for this caption
OK, shut the Internet down, I've had enough. —Anonomouse Link for this caption
FOX plans to drum up viewer interest with its unorthodox midterm election tracking methods. —Torc. Link for this caption
Things I Don't Want to Know: Job or hobby? —Anonomous Link for this caption
Dear Japan, Stop exporting everything. We can't handle it anymore. Sincerely, the USA —Mr. ? Link for this caption
Taste the rainbow —Mr. ? Link for this caption
No, really... we can wait for the next superhero team to save us —Mr. ? Link for this caption
Call me xenophoic, but the American Gladitors definitely would kick their Asian counterparts' collective ass. —dALY Link for this caption
I was OK with the Japanese coming up witha female Ronald McDonald, but, I'm sorry, I really think they went too far with their M&M campaign. —dALY Link for this caption
.003 milliseconds is the average amount of viewing time required to turn a Liberal Democrat into a Christian Conservative. —Anonomouse Link for this caption
If this is what global warming will do to fashions I'll just kill myself now thanks. —Anonomouse Link for this caption
The Amazing Monopole Brothers had not only no second issue, it had no second panel. —Anonomouse Link for this caption
"What the hell do you mean, 'inappropriate?' We're teaching the little ankle biters the difference between North and South, for chrissakes!" It was about this time that the Children's Television Workshop stopped auditioning new talent for Sesame Street. —dALY Link for this caption
After last week's episode, even the most devoted fans had to admit that Dr. Who had finally jumped the shark. —Stefan Jones Link for this caption
April 2006, It was the Science Channel of Japan's show on magnetism that finally convinced the world to lock the long suffering country away for its own good. —Anonomous Link for this caption
Dear Japan: Please stop exploring science and technology. It freaks us out. Love, America. —Johnny Assay (worth a shot) Link for this caption
Not even Goofus and Gallant are safe from the hentai crowd. —Nyder (salvaging huh?) Link for this caption
I don't look like the photo because I didn't send you a photo. No, I was not on craigslist earlier in the evening! TRY NEXT DOOR!! —sxot Link for this caption
Atomic Wedgie Power Magnet Battle Hour Show, you watch! —K-Man Link for this caption
What do you mean Japanese!?! Can't you see we're Poles?!? —someotherguy Link for this caption
There's a wonder twins joke in here somewhere, I'm just not sure if they should choose the form of clothes or an athletic cup. —The_Vixen Link for this caption
From the new film, "Crouching Sidekick, Smelly Finger"... —Tillman (I'm so very sorry.) Link for this caption
Far Eastern proctology has come a long way, baby. —dALY Link for this caption
The answer is C: NOT Jewish —Waldo Link for this caption
...And as I caption this picture, I eat a cheese sausage. Yummy yum yum! —Brennsa Link for this caption
Sexual education in the year 3000. —Brennsa Link for this caption
I'm sorry, I'm having difficulty captioning this one. My eyes keep bleeding. —zwit Link for this caption
It's so strange: I'm repulsed by these two...and yet strangely attracted as well!!! (Get it! Cos of the magnest I said attracted and....why are you looking at me like that? Hey, fuck you!) —The Mattwol-I mean, anonymous Link for this caption
Sometimes opposites attract so much, it's hard to pull them off of each other... I mean, apart... —Tillman Link for this caption
The Olympic Committee is going to have to re-evaluate this event! —Bill Fortier Link for this caption

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