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Picture supplied by Cymydog Naakka
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The "Spin Doctors; Behind the Music" was kinda boring. —17, 18, 19, Yeah!! Link for this caption
And God's roadie said, "Check. Check. Check" and there was Check, and it was good. —noddin0ff Link for this caption
I don't know what this represents, but I'm really looking forward to reading the obituary column tomorrow. —Nyder Link for this caption
Yes, it was dangerous, stupid and probably illegal. But if Dave's wife always put out after watching the Bollywood Channel, then Dave was going to make damn sure that his wife could watch the Bollywood Channel, and that was that. —Nyder Link for this caption
"Goddamn swallows," thought the Groundskeeper of Capistrano. —smj Link for this caption
Sure, there were other ways to get the cat off the roof, but this way she would learn... —smj Link for this caption
"Cletus! You come down off that roof this instant and change out of your good clothes!" —Stefan Jones Link for this caption
Jed decides to make the neighborhood block festival his own wet t-shirt contest.  —Entogal Link for this caption
Tired of shouting himself hoarse at the UFOs flying overhead, Cleteus decides to spray paint his ravings on his roof. —Entogal Link for this caption
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta sing, and Larry's gotta snipe from the clocktower roof. —Mr. ? Link for this caption
Santa never brought Larry the Magic the Gathering cards he asked for. Santa would pay... —m'quirk Link for this caption
Crap, I bet he makes more an hour than me too. —Yakko Link for this caption
What happens when you combine a useless English degree, recreational drugs, a harpoon gun, and a tattered copy of Moby Dick. —noddin0ff Link for this caption
They stopped laughing after Jeff made his first billion selling "Instant House in a Keg" —Torc. Link for this caption
January 8, 2007: In a stunning turn of events, hippies in San Francisco are forced to turn the hoses on capitalist squatters who have camped out on lawns awaiting eminent domain rulings. —Torc. Link for this caption
Where will you be when your war flashbacks begin? —Mr. ? Link for this caption
Dear Darwin Awards Magazine, I never thought anything like this could happen to me... —Mr. ? Link for this caption
Including "Your wife wouldn't dream of sleeping with me!" in his Yellow Pages ad was the turning point for Bill's handyman business. —Bosch (salvaging Avery) Link for this caption
On the third day he rose again, and took another hit from that bad ass water bong. —noddin0ff Link for this caption
Yes, Bill went to Harvard. Sadly, he majored in Philosophy. —dALY Link for this caption
Some took the Phish break-up worse than others. —dALY Link for this caption
"Carniverous Car Maintenence Guide", p. 47. —Bosch Link for this caption
800 PSI + unsecured man = America's Funniest Home Videos finalist. —Zach the Conqueror (It would lose to a baby reciting the alphabet) Link for this caption
"Sure, a pellet gun will drop a squirrel. But it's nowhere near as fun as harpooning them." —Eric the .5b Link for this caption
He's grimy, he stoned, and chances are that he's the blind date my best friend picked out for me. —k.a Link for this caption

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