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Ethel may have to go to the car and get the baboon. —Huh? Link for this caption
Yeah, they're fighting now, but wait till the make-up sex! —Alex the Bold Link for this caption
Yeah, she was senile those last few years... But grandma was still one hell of a puppeteer. —me_tew Link for this caption
After the Alien vs. Predator showdown, there was The Children of the Damned vs. The Hound of the Baskvervilles staring contest (shown), and, finally, the My Little Pony vs. Rainbow Brite catfight. —k.a Link for this caption
The Tooth Fairy is a childish myth. However, the Dental Demon, seen here checking a patient for gingivitis, is quite real and remarkably effective. —Bill Fortier Link for this caption
Billy, just pick one and go home. I can't maintain this portal to the evil dog dimension for much longer. —Mr. ? Link for this caption
The Topeka Community Playhouse production of "Alien" left much to be desired.  —Random Butt Junk Link for this caption
Battling your inner demon took on a more literal manifestation in the Jones family —Entogal Link for this caption
He'd seen this before. The evil deep within the red eyes, the saliva dripping from the fangs... Rover knew this boy meant trouble. —Featureless Void Link for this caption
For years, Steve had refused to believe Grandma's claims that her stomach pains were appendicitis. The irony was, he only had about ten seconds to appreciate being right. —Nyder Link for this caption
And then, their eyes met. The forbidden love which followed would become the stuff of legends, to say nothing of landmark felony and decency legislation decisions. —Nyder Link for this caption
After a lifetime in organised crime, Grandma had now settled down to a pleasant retirement of fencing stolen appliances, breeding Rottweiler pups, and kidnapping and raping boy-band members. —Nyder Link for this caption
"Well, they're your puppies, you no-good lying bastard!" —A Grouch Link for this caption
"Who cares who gave worms to whom, you're both getting pills. Now settle down!" —A Grouch Link for this caption
Larry and Scraps prepare to decide once and for all who will be Granny's sole heir. —dALY Link for this caption
"Aliens XVI: Grandma's Cooking is Back" —Pandemic Link for this caption
Deathmatch: Q vs. Mother Hubbard —Bill Fortier Link for this caption
You'd take it seriously too, considering the loser goes into the crock pot —Random Butt Junk Link for this caption
...Eventually, the larger, stronger male will win the dominance display and lay claim to the carcass. —Barking Monkey Link for this caption
"Look, Jimmy, I know you're not happy about this, but Fluffy needs a new host organism before I die, so stop struggling and relax, goddamnit!" —Nyder Link for this caption
And here we have a lovely picture of OG Wrinkles with her fine bitches, yo. —Brennsa Link for this caption

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