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Mike never did learn to take off his magnetic necklace when walking by the cafeteria's iron tables. —sharper Link for this caption
And to think that I hatched form this tiny egg. —Entogal Link for this caption
"Wash car.... paint fence... create tasteful Christmas display for bowling alley out of last year's broken ornaments... man this karate stuff is hard..." —Nyder Link for this caption
Gary was determined to work out the logisitcal errors in Peter Jackson's re-creation of the battle of Helm's Deep. —ewhac Link for this caption
"Paging all the king's horses and men, you are needed in the snackbar." —GeniusLoci Link for this caption
"The MIT 'Freshman Challenge' competition this year is to make a 7-10 split using only a Christmas ornament. The physics and material science involved are actually quite fascinating. Really! snurk, snurk, SNOORK" —Henweigh Link for this caption
Do not wear Happy Fun Ball to a rave. —deadcoil (do not taunt the cartoonist) Link for this caption
Ed wasn't entirely sure what it was, but he was pretty certain it belonged back in his abdomen. —Riff Link for this caption
They're green. They're things. They're Green Things, from Hasbro. Collect them all. —trainman Link for this caption
Nick tries desperately to piece back together his dignity. —Gorilla Librarian Link for this caption
Ha, ha! Let's see what mine says. "He who buy wardrobe online pay for purchase in shame and solitude". Ha, ha -- HEY! —AliasN Link for this caption
Sensing danger, Doug displays his false head on his torso. Once again, social interaction is avoided. —Zach the Conqueror Link for this caption
One annoying round thingy in this picture destroyed, two to go... —Orrin Link for this caption
"Thiiiisss isss not precioussss ... Shmiegel will try next bowling alley, yesss..." —agent orange Link for this caption
It wasn't exactly heat vision, but Dave thought the power to turn busted shit green still seemed pretty cool. —Phat Cheops Link for this caption
Shaved head. Two-character smiley. Standing in a bowling alley. Playing inscrutibly with cheap plastic. Could this possibly scream "AOL user" any louder? —ewhac Link for this caption
"You do your best work bed." I don't like this game. —William Wayne Webb (salvaging AliasN) Link for this caption
What is the sound of one tiny, incredibly valuable, jade statue belonging to the Abbot of your monastic order breaking?-- From The Shaolin Manual —Nyder (salvaging sharper) Link for this caption
And with one more adjustment from the Voodoo-Master, the whole alley erupted in 7-10 splits. —Ken Link for this caption
"Funny ... I don't remember putting this in my nose." —Riff (salvaging) Link for this caption
"I think this is my spleen. Dad, are you sure I should be getting chemotherapy here instead of a hospital?" —Torc. Link for this caption
In chinese, the word "crisis" is written with the character for "danger" next to the character for "opportunity". Jim was having a crisis. Unfortunately he was wearing the shirt with the character for "livesinmomsbasement" next to the character "nevergetlaid". —choowey Link for this caption
Although it seemed unfortunate, even disgusting, at first, Larry's ill-timed sneeze into the liquid-nitrogen tank got him twelve novelty-toy contracts and a grant from the Ford Foundation for the Arts. —Nyder Link for this caption

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