IADL #10
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 "Think anyone will see us if we do it right here on this bench?" --jeremy
 So, you think he's got any fries with that shake? --anon
 While the magician distracted them with card tricks, the bunny went through her purse. --Monk n Treb
 That ain't no riot. Now back in 68 that was a riot. --Monk n Treb
 Look at that! That girl is hitting that poor old woman, and her mother's not doing a damn thing about it! --Greg J
 ...she had brought little Fifi from Mexico, and loved him so dearly, I never had the heart to tell her it was a Mexican sewer rat, not a dog. --Greg J
 Here comes a hot one. Let's flash him a little leg this time... --Greg J
 Try as they might, the aging Enterprise crew could no longer raise much excitement as the ship was rocked by a Klingon attack. --Paul "Battlestar Galactica was MUCH better" Roub
 Ethyl! Isn't that old Mr. Sternwoody coming out of Woolworths with that case of "Tootsie Pops"? I heard he uses them to go cruise the playground at recess! --kafka
 "Sure is nicer settin' here now they've gone 'n' put in a bench." --Ian Abrams
 Two aspiring contestants who sat up all night to be first in the line for the "Monty Python Drag Lookalike Contest." --Ian Abrams
 "Tsk! Just look at those two girls flaunting themselves! Why, in my day, lesbians were more dignified." --SpinnWebe
 "Well, I don't know, Ethel...looks like it might be negroes." "Negroes !? Oh my !" --zed, warrior of the deep
 The women tried to get up their courage, but try as they might, they couldn't bring themselves to enter Woolworths, the fanciest store in town. --anon
 While certainly not suited for everyone's taste, these unique bookends do make for a great conversation piece. --Blake
 Married couples often come to resemble one another over time. Unfortunately, this usually involves both parties moving toward their 'lowest common denominator.' --Blake
 The newest attraction at ElderWorld: "The World's Great Five-and-Dimes." --myr
 Hoping Gertie wouldn't notice the smell, Agnes leaned over a little to let go with a one-cheek sneak. --The Unmasked Revenger
 The ladies were a bit taken aback by the flasher...until they realized that his small member posed no real threat to them. --The Unmasked Revenger
 Although Clovis tried to de-accentuate her cloven feet by painting them white, her clip-clopping along the sidewalk always drew attention. --The Unmasked Revenger
 Wow! Look at the buns on that delivery boy! --The Lawyer
 Mother, you have got to lose some weight. You've tilted the whole picture to the right. --The Lawyer
 Excerpt from "Bill & Ted's Bogus Midlife Crisis." --Capt. phealy
 The hookers might look different, but Buddy Hackett hasn't changed a bit. --the insidious Zed
 Buffy and Hildy finally realized that they were getting too old for this cross dressing crap. --Darlin'
 When the bagboy's pants fell down, we were both shocked, but yet strangely compelled. --Darlin'
 Stimpy, you eediot!!! Get out from under those old ladies this eenstant!!! --Greg J
 To Celebrate their 10th year together as wife and wife selma and fanny cuddle close at the place they first kisssed. --moon

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