IADL #100
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 FLOWBEE!!! Alright!!!! --anon
 Molly Ringwald finds out that skinheads aren't so bad after all --Don Spudleone
 Even after Miranda confused her shampoo with her bottle of nair, she still refused to go to the eye doctor. --Mo Man
 Damn you, Supercuts! Damn you to HEEELLLLLLL!!! --Doc Evil
 "Excuse me, do you sell any leather goods here?" --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 Sandy looked but never found a feminine, yet crotchless, jockstrap. --anon
 The total was $20.98, the customer handed her a one dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill. Minutes later she knew exactly how much change to give him. --anon
 After the recent failure of home alone 3, Macauly Culkin can be found working part time at the Gap. --Powderd Toast Man
 Bernice was the best salesperson at "Lez-B-Frenz". --The Most Rev.HolyOley
 The incredibly subtle shift from masculine to feminine pronouns on this picture's captions had to be seen to be believed. -Excerpt from Young, Bored, and On the Net: A History of SpinnWebe Caption Writers, 2017, Red Asterisk Press. --Thomas Wilde
 From the "Where Are They Now?" file: Susan Powter, after the failure of her latest exercise tape, works as a salesclerk at the Limited at Towne Center Plaza. --Jim Ellwanger
 Ya long-haired, hippy freak! Cut your hair, I said! --Don Spudleone
 seconds later page would snap out of her daydream only to have charlie bomars name and credit card number permanently embosed on her left hand --seven parts salt and a whole lota yeast
 "In the midnight hour, babe, she cried Sale, Sale, Sale!" --The Sandman
 Oh, great, another Calvin Klein ad. --Greg J
 I'm beginning to think we should call this "It's a Dysfunctional Really Bad Haircut." --Greg J
 ...and here we were, worried that growing up in the limelight would somehow warp Cody Gifford... --Greg J
 Rutger spent many happy hours shopping in the new "SS" section of The Gap. --The Lawyer
 "I'll have to call the manager sir. There's, like, no 'sell something' button on this register." --Kim and Patrice
 If I keep playing with it it will dry up enough to flick it off my finger. --Neon Umber
 The Trogdolyte Cafe: for the discerning hermaphrodite. --Don Spudleone
 We should probably make fun of him as much as possible now. I mean, he's gonna get that record deal, and then he'll show us, boy... --Thomas Wilde
 Dolly froze. It was bad enough that some loser had managed to tie her to the hellish public childhood she had spent years escaping. But how humiliating to hear that invasive, taunting "P.J.! You're P.J., aren't you?" --Horselover Fat
 After the last few pics, one question comes to mind: Where the hell is Spinnwebe from, Lesbianville? --Pastor of Muppets
 Now is when we dance on Sprockets! --SaukHawk
 In yer hea-ead, in yer hea-eah-eah-ead! Zoh-om-bie! Zoh-om-bie! --Doc Evil
 Hmm...Lots of leather...Let the fetish captions begin!!! Hoo-Hah! --Doc Evil
 As honorary photo #100 for the Dysfunctional Life, I will not wear any pants the entire day! --Don Spudleone
 Hey, which monster was she in the Star Wars cantina? --Don Spudleone
 She's not really a dyke, but plays one on the IADL. --Don Spudleone

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