IADL #101
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 "What does Chris Farley got that I don't got?" --Thomas Wilde
 So, I grasp the pole firmly and...what the hell? I just hope I have what it takes make it in Vegas. --three ton fun gun
 Due to technical difficulties, occasionally SpinnWebe's two biggest draws, the DFC and the IADL would cross-pollinate, resulting in odd pictures like this "live-action" shot of Billy Keane. Fortunately, there were usually no effects other than confused "red asterisk" caption writers. --Thomas Wilde
 Now how do I say "Please get your dog off my leg" in Spanish? --Slacker
 IADL ettiqutte tip #5: Always make sure your colostomy bag is tucked away inside your coat. You don't want the bottom of it showing (see fig. 8, above). --Greg J
 duhh, I love little bunny rabbits! --Powderd Toast Man
 Yes! I finally cleared level 26 on Super Mario Bros! Now to save the princess! And to think my mother said that the thirty-five year-olds who sit around and play Gameboy all day will never amount to anything! --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
  Uuuurrrr... Tor love Jackie Collins! ( sigh ) --Doc Evil
 Fabio shmabio...in fifteen years he's gonna look like me! --Doc Evil
 Wearing a stocking cap to hide his deformed cranium, Billy Keane slowly removed the Uzi from his coat. "They'll pay, they'll pay!" he whispered to himself. --The Most Rev.HolyOley
 Let's see if I did everything right.... pack uzi and big duffel bags... check... bring ski mask... check... go to bank... check... pull ski mask over fac... oh, CRAP! I knew I forgot something! --Pastor of Muppets
 A young Rush Limbaugh finds a copy of The Turner Diaries in his pocket one day, and the rest is history... --Thomas Wilde
 "Hmm...Thoreau's reasoning is faulty. The mass of men don't really live lives that are all that desperate-hey, wait a minute..." --Thomas Wilde
 "I am the very model of a modern major general...hm, h-hm, hm, hm..." --Thomas Wilde
 So THAT'S babies are made! Ew, who'd want to do THAT? --Pastor of Muppets
 ...Dominae est requiem.... THWACK! --Pastor of Muppets
 Isn't this the guy who always says, "It wasn't me, it was the chair!" after any gross noise? --Pastor of Muppets
 Early scene from the movie Throw Curly from the Train --Don Spudleone
 Be vewy vewy qwuiet.....I'm weading a book.....huh huh huh huh huh --Don Spudleone
 Larry gasped in horror as he realised that after hundreds of sleepless nights and 20 hour days his novel and lifes work was used as a backdrop for cheap sex in a trashy porn paperback. --last chance to wear pants
 I hate these Magic Eye things. What is that, a pony? --Greg J
 Safe in his secret identity, Potato Man relaxes on the subway. --Greg J
 Hey.. wait a minute... it says here that your codpiece is supposed to be worn on the inside! --anon
 "Why are they all looking at me? Like I'm the only guy here wearing nothing but a blue raincoat and a stocking cap?" --Patrice X
 Pardon me sir, but would you mind moving to the other side of the train? You're throwing it off-balance. --Riff
 Damn, if this train doesn't speed up, they're gonna start the losers convention without me! --Riff
 What do you want to bet he's reading a Dragonlance book? --Bippy
 A clip from Chris Farley's newest movie, Speed 2: Fat Guy in a Little Bus --Don Spudleone
 This is the third damn copy of "Dress To Success" that I've found on my desk! Are the guys at the firm trying to tell me something? --not elsie
 This Dianetics book is ten times better than that crappy Watchtower. All hail L. Ron Hubbard! --Don Spudleone
 See, little Jimmy can read, so you can too! Try "Hooked on Phonics" today! --Don Spudleone
 Sure, you may laugh at her physical appearance, but I look at her and see the fragile, beautiful poet's soul that society's cruel taunts have forced her to bury deep within. ...That IS a woman, right? --"Slappy" Van Impe
 Man, this looks foolproof! "Send this message, with a catchy title like 'Make Money Fast!', to as many newsgroups as possible...' I wonder what's a newsgroup? --Horselover Fat
 Do you realize what this means? Jackie Coogan faked his death! --His Imperial Majesty
 It wasn't until the bus driver had to make a panic stop that Dewey finally understood why no one ever sat in the "straddle-the-pole" seat. --SaukHawk
 Hehh-heh-heehh... That Dave Barry's a fuckin' genius!!! --Doc Evil
 When the elephantiasis had spread to his genitals, Gerard stopped wearing pants completely. --"Slappy" Van Impe
 George "The Animal" Steele still rides public transportation. It helps him stay connected to the little people. --Anonywuss
 Damn this slow train! I've gotta get home and check out the new IADL captions! --Riff
 Mmmm...nope. No, I'm sorry. There's absolutely nothing funny about this man. --Thomas Wilde
 He's reading " The Unbearable Lightness of Being ". Cantcha just smell the irony? --Doc Evil

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