IADL #104
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 That guy better stop taking my picture, or I will give him a displeased look he'll never forget! --Greg J
 The love Muppet of Jim Henson. --Don Spudleone
 No, this isnot an uzi! I'm simply glad ta see ya! --Doc Evil
 Ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver. Please note that the " No Urinating " sign has been turned off. Happy whizzing! --Doc Evil
 If I don't get home in time for " Xena "...I'm gonnna go balistic! --Doc Evil
 I will not get a woody for " Sailor Moon ". I will not get a woody for " Sailor Moon "! I will n... Aw, Hell... --Doc Evil
 "This time for sure," swears Jameson, "I'm gonna find out how Parker gets those pictures of Spider-Man once and for all." --Greg J
 It's fun to charter an accountant....and sail the wide accountant sea..... --Don Spudleone
 "Spinnwebe surfers, please welcome, in his first appearance on this website, Mr. Vanilla Ordinary 1996! --Thomas Wilde
 "I hope you've got Ass-Kickin' insurance, CAMERA BOY!" --clog
 Fuck! This fucking train better go faster or I will bash someone's fucking head in! --anon
 I sure hope this train speeds up, or they'll start the Star Trek convention without me! --Riff
 Dang ... I can't even think up any decent celebrity look-alikes for this guy ... How about "My uncle Steve takes the subway"? Naaaaah. --Riff
 C'mon, you negroes. Ask me for a dollar. Just ask me. --The Lawyer
 That can't be a Hitler mustache, can it? --The Lawyer
 I don't care if you take my photograph, as long as you don't sit next to me. --Emil Blovin
 Excerpt from HBO's groundbreaking new "America Undercover" series, Subway Confessions. Be afraid. Be very afraid. --Thomas Wilde
 I really hope we don't get any more "crazy man with an automatic weapon" jokes...*BLAM* Shit! Get down! --Thomas Wilde
 Trust me, you don't even want to know what I'd do for a Klondike bar. --Greg J
 Fucking English! Wait till these innocent subway riders get a load of my uzi sitting here on my lap in plain sight to the naked eye! IRA forever! --Mr. Fister
 "Sure, they make the bathrooms handicapped-accessable, but they still find ways to rob you of your dignity!" --The Sandman
 Hmmmmmm.....glasses, goofy haircut, trenchcoat. Ok, I give up, which secret identity is this stupidhero supposed to be hiding? --Don Spudleone
 Ladies, join "Bobby" and other hot studs like him on the Party Line. 976-6969. --Don Spudleone
 The sad part is, this picture gets updated every ten seconds. --Riff
 Lost your glasses and don't want to pay for another pair? No problem! Just buy some lenses and stick them to your nose with a large blob of silly putty! Hey, lookin' good, tiger! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst

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