IADL #106
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 Sonny and Cher enjoy a quiet dinner while Cher's new boyfriend entertains himself. --Sparky
 Just how long ARE we going to keep following The Village People on tour? --Greg J
 Chastity Bono pretends to be very interested in doing the placemat maze while her parents get into another shouting match. --Jim Ellwanger
 The first person who mentions that semen in his eye is gonna get mailbombed like you will never believe... --Thomas Wilde
 Hurry up and eat the dinner! We got a federal building to bomb by 8! --Don Spudleone
 Three simple words: Witness Protection Program --Don Spudleone
 Kato, your wig is slipping! You fool, you're ruining my plan! Inspector Clouseau will not fail! --Don Spudleone
 I tell you, ever since he got this gig with Don Johnson, he won't return my calls ... Say, you eating that slice? --Riff
 Very impressive, Mr. Mayor. Now get that damned spoon off your nose; people are staring! --Riff
 Wipe your face dear; you're melting again. --Riff
 Toby. we really need to talk. I think your inflatable doll should stay in the car when we eat out from now on. --alanon
 Listen, you wanted chicken fried broccoli, so we got you chicken ried broccoli. --The Lawyer
 This is the scene where the kid starts shouting "redum!" over and over again until Jack chases 'em around the ski lodge with the baseball bat, right? --Don Spudleone
 I haven't seen this much plastic and vinyl since I sat in my friend's '78 Thunderbird..... --Don Spudleone
 Hurry up and eat your dinner before those DFC'ers come in here and harass us! --Don Spudleone
 To keep your family fresh and free of contamination, it is best to keep them under warming lamps for 15 minutes before serving. --Don Spudleone
 Your right! I shouldn't have ordered the pickled herring burger. --Bone Daddy Jug
 A bankrupt Diveccio family spends another night pretending to eat their imaginary burgers. --The Sandman
 Only Delores noticed the Martian eyestock about to cauterize Ansel, and she was not speaking to him. --The Sandman
 "Easy to snatch my fries, eh, dad? Well, this kick in the crotch will teach you otherwise!" --Emil Blovin
 Tonight on " Difficult Zone Theatre ": I Got You, Babe! --Doc Evil
 Heeey! There's a hair in my food! A seventies hair! What's the big idea? --Bev
 Christopher emits an inhuman shriek as his prolapsed rectum snags a broken staple between the seat cushions. --Ngoc van Trimble
 How many times have I told you not to touch my cotton ball collection!! --anon
 Morticia, Gomez, and Pugsley, creeped out after years of Wednesday's dead-eyed stare, finally just eat her for breakfast. --anon

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