IADL #107
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 Did you have the undigestible mini-sandwhich or the unrecognizable veggie-like substance? --Sparky
 No it's only my job to tell you where the air sick bag is - I don't have to touch it, remove it, smell it or see it. It's in our new contract - so just hold it onto it till we get there. --Sparky
 In the event of cabin depressurization, an oxygen mask will drop from my nose.... --anon
 Who killed the crying baby? Did you kill the crying baby? May I shake your hand? --Sue Graver
 Sir, I'm afraid you are not allowed to blow up this plane. We here at Valu-Jet have already provided the proper explosive devices within the fuel compartments. Please sit back and enjoy the flight! --Don Spudleone
 If you wanted to sit next to the Internet photographer, you should have requested it before we took off. You'll just have to sit there and let the back of your seat get the picture. --Don Spudleone
 I'll be right back, apparently the captain wants to show me how to "double my frequent flyer points" --clog
 The pilot evilly waited until Stanley was in the aisle before mentioning the turbulence. --Thomas Wilde
 "Um, sir? Sir? You aren't allowed to ride in the overhead compartment..." --Thomas Wilde
 Aaahhhhh!!!! This isn't First Class!!! Run from the Stewardess of Death!!! Run!! --Don Spudleone
 Excuse me, little Jimmy? Could you stop masturbating in the seat? --Don Spudleone
 Pardon me, is Mecca this way? --Riff
 Great. Five minutes late for the connection and already all the "grope your stewardess" seats are taken! --Riff
 Pardon me sir, but would you by chance know how to fly a plane? --Greg J
 I'm sorry, sir, but the captain does have the "No Oral Sex" light on. --alanon
 The bathroom's all yours. But be careful; the ceiling's a bit low in there. --Riff
 Sir? May I please ask you to cover your head? You're blinding the passengers behind you. --Riff
 There's nothing at all funny about this picture. Is it from a Mentos commercial? --The Lawyer
 No, Timmy, I can't make the scary stewardess go away. In fact, we all wish the scary stewardess would go away.... --Don Spudleone
 Excuse me sir, it is supposed to be your SEAT in the upright and locked position! --anon
 Hey, this is neat! I've never met a real monk before! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Heh heh heh. Those schmucks in security never check the nose. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Berthold hated his new passenger-sniffing job, --The Sandman
 Hello, sir? I'm Chevy Chase. I'll give you a dollar if you say something nice about me. Oh, come on. Two dollars? --Skywise
 Irwin returned to his seat to find a sinister looking dwarf menacing him with a swizzle stick. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Sit? No thanks, I'll just hover over this gentleman here. --anon
 Sir? Could you take your seat belt off, please? We're going to depressurize the cabin, and we'd like for you to be gone. --Don Spudleone

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