IADL #109
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 Ronald McDahlsim. --Doc Evil
 Life in Biosphere II was not as exciting as we were led to believe.... --Don Spudleone
 I will show these Americans the wrath of Allah, but first, I think I'll watch Flipper. --anon
 "Excuse me sir, would you mind removing your hat? It's causing too much turbanulance." --Minne
 And this is a picture of my wife Santrarama. She's in the cargo hold with the goats right now or I would introduce you. --Hap Hazzard
 Well, I'll be damned...apparently, that is Ronald McDonald's real hair. --Thomas Wilde
 Habib and Sanja were fairly sure that the creeping hand would never find them on the 747... --The Sandman
 "oh, i will be scoring many chicks in hawaii! oh my yes! --dogvomit
 Sarpina! How many times do I have to tell you! Do not disturb your father during "Aladdin!" --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 Oooh! Here's a 35 cent coupon on Dinty-More brand basmati rice! Hand me the scissors! --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 If that little white devil kicks the back of my seat one more time, he will sleep with Allah tonite. --Grendel
 The seal in seat 22D was fascinated by the man's peculiar orange hat. --ChoppingBlock
 "Right here on page 39 of the Kama Sutra--sex on a plane. See?" --Emil Blovin
 Red-dots! Getcher red-dots right here! Red-dots! Get 'em while they're red! --The Most Rev.HolyOley
 So, the miserable little wretch thinks a mere flying carpet can help him escape me? Hah! I shall have the jinn's lamp yet! --Dr. KNob
 Look, Fred, it was bad enough when just styled your hair like that, but dying it ORANGE? --Geoduck
 Carmen Miranda was a little upset that international flying rules required her to leave her fruit at home. --The Lawyer
 7-11 Airlines? --alanon
 We've secretly replaced Halif's explosive device with Folger's crystals. Let's see what happens next. --alanon
 A cute Hindu version of "Where's Waldo?"...."Where's Sanjeep?" --Don Spudleone
 You know, red really brings out the color of the C-4 strapped to his chest. --Don Spudleone
 I see that Thing has saved up enough frequent flier miles.... --Don Spudleone
 Well, thanks, Spinnwebe. Twenty-billion Thing captions and a bunch of terrorist "jokes". Hardee fucking har har. --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 Next week on Home Improvement: Tim and Wilson (disguised as a couple from Pakistan so Jill won't find out) head to Mexico to bail the kids out of jail. It's these kinds of hilarious hijinx that make this show a favorite at the People's Choice Awards! --Der enthauptete Hanswurst

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