IADL #11
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 Each of the Power Rangers knew in their hearts this was the last season. --Kraken
 Tits, Spinnwebe. We want closeups of tits. --The Lawyer
 Although Edna and Becky-Leigh had waited weeks for the government-sponsored visit from the "Liposuction on Wheels" van, they knew it was only right to allow this new arrival to skip to the front of the line. Well, not literally skip. --zedzedzedzedzed
 Good lord, that man's ass is going to give birth! --el Marko
 By the twenty-first hour of the Hokey-Pokey marathon, most of those in the heavyweight class were out of the contest. --Blake
 Evidently, the infra red camera malfunctioned this time. One more setback in my quest to capture a fart on film. --Blake
 "Ya know Muffy, one should never wear white before Memorial Day." --anon
 Kate Mulgrew, the Captain of the latest Star Trek incarnation, wraps her butt around to block the view of the camera so no one can see the weight she gained over the summer. --anon
 Clare did you notice that he has a bulge in the front AND the back of his pants? --Monk n Treb
 Oh NO! The hideous beast will devour us all!!! --Monk n Treb
 Shoot Elly Mae I thought only chickens ran around that long. How long before you think he drops? --Monk n Treb
 The 4th of July parade was going along without a hitch. Just then from the crowd, Assman made an untimely apperance as well as left an unwanted deposit. --Monk n Treb
 Sadly, not all who atteneded the casting call for Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back Video' were able to be cast. --Big Dan
 Quick, Mel, get a crowbar! I'm stuck! Never mind how it happened... --Greg J
 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was me. Flabby, huge, disgusting. But that was before I got BUNS OF STEEL. --Der Tanzer
 Suddenly, Hortense sensed impending doom, or at least an unpleasant odor. --anon
 The photographer quickly learned that it was unwise to annoy one who was skilled in the ancient martial art of butt boxing. --The Lawyer
 Silently Midge watched. The giant ass had eaten most of Herb, was working on Gina, and Midge knew she was next. --anon
 YO! Asshole, down in front. Your dad wasnt a glassmaker, you know. --TRAV
 "Captain's Log, supplemental. We have arrived on the planet Simplesse 9 to find the inhabitants, a race of sexually ambiguous, large-bodied humanoids, being threatened by what appears to be a gigantic bottom. Commander Data has theorized that it might be an alien artifact, left here for thousands of years and somehow awakened by the colonists. I can only hope that we can somehow unlock its secrets, and render it benign, before the coming of a time the colonists call `the farting'" --zedholio
 Though they were by no means the most successful Weight Watchers group in Alabama, their "big screen movie night" was always a big hit -- except for that time during Boxing Helena when Edna's knee started acting up, and they had to show the rest of the movie on Dottie Furple's much smaller ass, instead. --zed-o-rama
 Helpful ass-padding tips -- tonight on "Lifestyles of the Huge and Sedentary" --Paul Roub
 Nice pants. --Capt. phealy
 Samantha Jenkins and Tracy Schwartz were among the crowd at the "No on Proposition Q" rally. The proposition, which seeks to ban masturbation on public benches, is the most hotly contested issue on Tuesday's ballot. Podunk Inquirer photo by Enos Uralon. --Capt. phealy
 Thelma and Laverne suddenly realized that they had little chance of winning this week's 'enormouse keister' contest. --The Sandman
 Yeah, it's true...I saw Captain Steubing at the Walmart! I tried to get his picture, but I didn't swing the camera around fast enough. --Diggit
 No more would the puny munchkins make jokes about the size of Bob's derriere.. The new expansion technique seemed to work quite well. Bob smiled grimly, and with only the slightest discomfort, began pulling in the rest of his tormentors... --patrik
 The photographer, as artist, attempts to illustrate his utter contempt for the "working class", with this piece entitled "Kiss My Hairy Ass" -- National Endowment for the Arts Review Committee. --kafka
 More proof that the phrase "there is a divinity which shapes our ends" should only be taken figuratively. --Ian Abrams

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