IADL #110
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 Marv's favorite way of amusing himself of the bus was to pretend that his head was a football going over the goalposts. --SaukHawk
 Joseph Smith's Grandson recieves a vision from the Angel Moroni, telling him to find the 3rd testament of God in the Women's room at Denny's. --anon
 The guy who thinks the Family Circus is funny discovers SpinnWebe on his laptop. --anon
 Norman liked to lick poles, frozen or not. --Dark Roger
 Someone forgot to tell Uncle John that that kinda thing is only o.k. in Nebaska. --Nateman
 How much crack could a crackhead smoke if a crackhead could smoke crack? (apparently more than we thought!) --Don Spudleone
 Whoah, I thought the headlights in the face trick only worked with deer! --Don Spudleone
 Just another day on alt.binaries.old.guys.surprised., huh? --Thomas Wilde
 Duck....duck...duck...goose! --Thomas Wilde
 O solo mio! --Riff
 His show cancelled and his name all but forgotten, Dick Cavot spends his final years in a drunken stupor, interviewing himself on the subway. --Riff
 Wow, man, far out! Look at the colors! --The Lawyer
 Reverend Moon can do all that for me? --The Lawyer
 Good God! Diet Doctor Pepper DOES taste more like regular Doctor Pepper! --Skywise
 Airport security really got out of hand when they instituted the manditory body cavity searches. --Hap Hazzard
 I'm guessing Walter here just saw the piano heading for him. It's that look of dawning comprehension I live for. --Thomas Wilde
 "My God... it's full of commuters!" --Emil Blovin
 When Jake's at the controls, you'd better get on the train fast; otherwise you'll find yourself clipped in the ass like this unfortunate fella. --Emil Blovin
 Boy, the ' Peppridge Farm ' guy does NOT like to be surprised... --Doc Evil
 I can't hear you, left side of the train! "Row, row, row your boat..." --Jim Ellwanger
 Bill Gates' father: penniless, homeless, catatonic. --Anonywuss
 George decides to test his Poly Grip by suspending himself on the bar using his teeth. --Sparky
 I've been working in my basement for 25 years! My invention will CHANGE THE WORLD!!! A computer so small that it fits inside a closet!!! I'll be RICH! RICH!!!! --not elsie
 I see the in-store "Do It Yourself Prostate Checker" is replacing those God-awful heart beat machines.... --Don Spudleone
 Taxidermists find a new niche as they sell their works to subway stations to scare off the homeless. --Don Spudleone
 He keeps chirpin' at me like I'm supposed to feed him a worm or somethin'. --Don Spudleone
 Huh!? The " No Urinating " sign is finally off? Thaaank yooouuuuu... --Doc Evil
 Let's see, Mouth-agape Man? No, how about Captain Chain-Smoker? Someone help me out, what is his secret identity? --alanon
 suddenly, larry understood scientology --dogvomit
 Why thank you! Yes it is a Pierre Cardin briefcase! I think it goes quite nicely with the Wal-Mart jogging suit, don't you think? --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 These crabs must be the size of baseballs! --Pirate
 Professor Smith finds out why it is a bad idea to smuggle sulphuric acid in one's pants. --Eblis
 The psychic man was shocked when he realized that there was a photo being taken of him. And that it would end up here. --ChoppingBlock
 If this train doesn't speed up, they'll start the drunken old farts convention without me! --Riff

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