IADL #111
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 Dad, could you think of some other place to hide your stash? My scalp is getting really itchy. --Kevin
 While vacationing in Florida, Beldar finds out just how much more powerful Earth's sun was than that of Remulak --azzazelo
 Magdar X, the black Conehead, arrives on earth --Cherubino
 In order to deal with spiraling overpopulation, some third world countries are disguising their children as soft-serve ice cream and selling them at airports. --jml
 "Whoa... Cool. So where's the other half of the plane?" --Daniel Lanker
 And suddenly, the MTV executives had their next hit show. --Azazael
 Illustration 152: How to tell if the plane's engines are on fire simply by looking at the person in front of you. --Paladinus
 Turn away from the light, Carol Ann! --who said that?
 Mmmm...nothing I like better than grown men making fun of a two year old...can't wait until the "dysfunctional paraplegics" website is up. --Scooby
 Whoa... MAMA!! Look at the crazy man back there taking a seroius power dump on the drink tray!!!! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 "And the barber said, 'No, that Kid 'n' Play hairstyle will never go out of fashion!' What were my parents thinking?!?" --Kurt S.
 Oh, cool! We have Capt. Johnson. He can make a water landing like nobody's business! --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Is this door suppose to be open? --Tzeentch
 A simple cap easily concealed Diwandas circus-life past. --ChoppingBlock
 No, they're not dreadlocks...I have a tumor. --Doc Evil
 Mushmouths' bastard offspring... --Doc Evil
 Ha! Now I just have to get all these complimentary honey roasted peanuts off the plane and our mission will be complete! Viva la revolution! --Heironymous Anonymous
 Hey, did you get your cocktail? I ordered my Bloody Mary 15 minutes ago, and that stewardess didn't give it to me! --Don Spudleone
 This picture just about illustrates how difficult it is to sneak things by U.S. customs... --Thomas Wilde
 Excuse me, is this the plane that takes you to the hair-tumor clinic? --The Lawyer
 "Hey, guys, look at the dumbass back there with the dorky red turban!" --Skywise
 Children's Airplane Etiquette Tip #6: Be sure to keep up a running conversation with the adult in the seat behind you; otherwise he may fall asleep and miss all the fun! --Emil Blovin
 Tonite on " Difficult Zone Theatre ": Afrocentric Linda Blair gags! --Doc Evil
 Born with a malformed dwarf twin brother attached to his head, Janus like to play "Pull My Cap" with unsuspecting strangers. --not elsie
 Wooooo... good time to take a plane trip. So thats what a Saddam Husein's "total obliteration of the west" looks like. --Truant
 Ooh. What to comment on first ... That eerie glow? The small black child with the inverted head? The phallic way his hat is sticking up? Oh, decisions, decisions ... --Riff
 Attention, passengers, your pilot Jesse has a few words to say to you.... --Don Spudleone
 Who needs that disgusting airplane food when you can just shake the back of this chair vigorously and see what little Bobby pukes up! --Don Spudleone
 PLO Traveler's Tip #23: Children are not only cute and adorable, but they also like to carry large amounts of high explosives! --IADL Archive index
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