IADL #115
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 Mikey, fresh from the set of "Look Who's Talking Too Much", relaxes during a location flight by smoking an animal cracker. --Skywise
 Y'know whatI hate about this flight? Childrens portions of Johnny Walker Red! --Doc Evil
 Whoa! Jeffy's escaped! If he starts asking questions about the vomit bag, that's really creepy! --Colin
 "Crack-baby my ass! Herb, that's where it's at!" --The Simian
 Babe I swear! Soon as this plane takes off, the roach goes out! But I NEED this hit! --Blue Gargantua
 Suck on these fingers three and riches untold will be given to thee! --Don Spudleone
 For the next forty-five minutes, little Joey would be the target of more concentrated hatred than ever before in his life. --Thomas Wilde
 "Hey, toots, you wanna get me a bourbon? Neat, mind you. You serve me any of that watered-down shit I'll introduce your skull to your sphincter, you dig?" --Thomas Wilde
 Are the lambs still screaming Clarice? --Monk n Treb
 A young Gene Simmons discovers his special talent --Riff
 From the new movie "Honey, I shrunk Wilford Brimley" --Riff
 The tobacco industry goes after an entirely new demographic. --Emil Blovin
 It figures. The gourmet who will only eat the Kraft brand of macaroni and cheese will eat crayons indiscriminately. --Greg J
 Little Agent Joey spotted the hijackers, and without any hesitation, used his trusty blowdarts. --Azazael
 For a prepackaged airline meal the baloney is tres magnifique --tsquared
 Awww ... baby's first clove! --Riff
 Whew! Am I glad to be getting rid of this tapeworm... --Rich Coughlan
 "Look at this, they've cut the 'Baby Meal' down to two pieces of zwieback. I'm writing the president of the airline." --Jim Ellwanger
 I hope nothing happens to the charged oxygen cylinders I checked through. --Rich Coughlan

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