IADL #117
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 If you crossed Wesley Crusher with Doctor Bashir... --Doc Evil
 "Yeah! That's what I asked for, Moron, hemorrhoid suppositories! Sheesh, could you shout it a little louder next time?" --Some Dog
 CK-Spy. A fragrance for the paranoid. --Azazael
 New from Spelling productions! Sex, deciet, and intrigue at the local library in Fox's "City Branch". Coming this fall! --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 These two ruffians were in the middle of ripping the front covers of off library books, rendering them useless for resale, when Denardo spotted Bookwormman closing in on them. --Anonywuss
 Bob deftly fools Roger yet again with his game of "Dude, There's a Giant Leech Behind You!" --Don Spudleone
 I...I'm getting a strange vision of the future! I see us working in low-level jobs in a stifling New York store, and an obnoxious little man will make fun of our accents on national television. But that's just silly, isn't it? --Der enthauptete Hanswurst
 No man, I'm tellin ya, nobody noticed the tag hangin out the back of your shirt, or the lipstick behind your ear! --LivFre
 Hadji, I think the security guard is getting suspicious. Pull your pants back up slowly. --The Lawyer
 I don't know man ... that upside-down question mark is freakin' me out! --Riff
 The first meeting of the California chapter of ``Dark-Haired and Happy'' was marred by the unfortunate presence of the ``Blonde and Easy'' meeting at the same venue. --Rusty Russell
 Lou Diamond Phillips stars in Paranoid Baker, next season on FOX! --Riff
 Don't look now, girlfriend, but bitchy little Ms. Thing just walked in. --His Imperial Majesty
 Andrew was so busy staring into space, he didnt notice the Italian bread closing in on him until it was too late. --Azazael
 Uh, no, I've never seen a tattoo there before.. I gotta go. --Fizzy
 Pssst... any books on... um... you know... yeast infections? --Pastor of Muppets
 Vito, the librarian gangster, was pissed. Some punk was on his turf...the card catalog! He would pay. Oh, how he would pay. --Skywise
 uh, bob, is that your mom shopping for condoms? --jan oliver
 Camera-sense tingling....I fear a IADL caption is afoot! --Don Spudleone

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