IADL #118
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 Just one example of the potentially gruesome consequences of allowing computer programmers to intermarry --Mutantdog
 Oh man, I sell my classic spiderman #32 comic book to pay for this date and now I have the WORST gas.. --anon
 Märta sighs and wonders, "How come there aren't any women with vestigial tails?" --Heath
 Couples dressing alike is one thing, but when they start wearing similar hairpieces... --Azazael
 Mary's nap on the train cost her the chance to meet Martin Gore. --Anonywuss
 I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but The Great American Hero is having a reunion show... --Thomas Wilde
 If anyone asks us who died one more time, they're going to be the answer, I swear to God... --Thomas Wilde
 Five seconds later, Zack's subway stories were suddenly interrupted by a blast of Monica's pepper spray that was perhaps three times longer than it had to be. --Thomas Wilde
 This is one of those situations where you start praying for a taser, isn't it? --Thomas Wilde
 So anyways, I figured "Hey it worked for Hugh Grant..." I mean he does it and now his career is doing great. And what happens when give it a go? SHE decides she wants a divorce!! Go figure! --Moe The Maneater
 If that guy farts just one more time.... --The Lawyer
 After Mulder's suicide, Scully meets her new partner, Gomer. --Riff
 Anthea and Clive's relationship was at a turning point. Anthea had discovered that Clive's Jungian view of society was something she couldn't live with, while Clive realized that Anthea was just a pretentious bitch. And she never put out, either. --anon
 One of the Kids in the Hall sketches that never made it past the editor. --anon
 Toupee???? What makes you think that? --Greg J
 "Your story has become tiresome to us...now ve dance!" --tsquared
 Scene from "Amish and Aryan" the new police drama on UPN. --Azazael
 After Mulder's suicide, Scully is assigned a new partner, Gomer. --Riff
 yeah, right. he lost his keys. uh-huh. sure. --scott gray
 In the underground version of Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald regrets finding out why they called him "Ducky". --siren
 ...so please, the 27 cents you spare today can help to build a new coffeehouse for trendy college students, just like poor Tia and Zach here. --Eblis
 "Yeah, she's in sleep mode now, running a self diagnostic program. But when she wakes up, she'll kick your ass!" --Rich Coughlan
 I can't believe this date isn't working out. How could two bodiless heads NOT have something in common?? --Don Spudleone
 Wednesday and Pugsley Addams in a happier moment in their lives. --Don Spudleone
 Evidentally, finding out how they cram all that graham isn't as religious an experience as one had anticipated. --Don Spudleone
 This is a scene from Doctor Who isn't it? --Don Spudleone

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