IADL #119
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 Andre the Giant's final humiliating years in food service. --Skywise
 Damn, now why won't managemnet let us wear cool hats like that? --alanon
 I'm sorry Secretia, but we don't have limbs of children as a topping option. --ChoppingBlock
 Can you find the thirteen alien pods hidden in this image? --Choppingblock
 Daaang... You have got to be the BIGGEST lawn gnome I've ever seen! --Doc Evil
 What the staff of Spinnwebe has been doing the past even months... --Doc Evil
 "Much as I'd like to chat with you all day, could you leave now? You have bad breath and horrible body odor and you're scaring away the paying customers. Okay, Mom?" --Mutantdog
 Give comestibles of sort common on your planet to this incognito person, myself. Also tell me which orifice is normally used? --Horselover Fat
 "Well, sure an Acura handles better than a Lexus, but the Acura's are more performance oriented--" "Yes, yes, I know, but if you're talking about luxury AND performance, then the Cadillac NST is number one!" --phonsux
 Your "order" has been taken care of. Mr. Vito has put your "Pizza" in the "oven". Your total will be $5,000. --Monk n Treb
 Could you freeze that hot dog for me? I'm lonely. --anon
 "Ma'am, welcome to Anal-Retentive Mall Pizza -- anything suggestive-sounding costs extra. That's why your 'big-12-inch with extra headcheese' will be $34.20." --The Turtle
 Jodi sighed. If she heard that sick lesbian mutter "I'll have a pizza yer ass," one more time, she was going to jump in the deep fry vat. --Kurt S.
 Yes, I do hate my minimum-wage service-sector job, but I can't think of a humorous way to express my sense of alienation. --anon
 Spinnwebe's lowest ebb: Do you guys, like, have a webserver? Umm, well what if I buy a burger? --Rusty Russell
 Yes, even the angel of death loves a good slice of Nnie's pizza now and then --tsquared
 Did I ask for fries with that? --His Imperial Majesty
 Look, lady. Im not going to arm wrestle you. If you want a drink youre going to have to pay for it. --Azazael
 In his ill-fitting desguise, Michael Jackson rethinks his second career at the food court. --Eblis
 I know the sign says "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" but for you I'll add "No Brains" to that list. --Don Spudleone
 The Noseless Gnome finally faces off with Captain Androgyny. --FatSkinnyWhite

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