IADL #12
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 "Whats that man doing on top of the building with a high power rifle?" --JD
 "I'll beeeeee the grandest la-deeeee in the Eas-terrr Pa-raaaaaade!" --Ian Abrams
 Dolly threw aside the pale aging wig Nashville forced her to wear for 20 years, and began her new life as the cashier at the Dollar General Store. --Kraken
 No one knew how long it took Emily to glue Skittles candies over her arms and chest. Most were too frightened or sickened to ask. --Kraken
 Barney knew he picked the wrong day to forget his wig when Aunt Bea spotted him from inside the dollar store. --Kraken
 Wow, those Be-a-Model-or-Just-Look-Like-One classes really paid off. I sure turned heads in the Everything for 99 cents store! --Miriam Hardin
 "Intelligence reports that the enemy has created miniature warheads that can be easily concealed on the person of their agents. We have reason to believe that this woman is carrying two such missiles. Perhaps they are in her shopping bag..." --Blake
 Valerie stood prepared for the updraft from the subway grating, but it did not come. And neither did she. --anon
 I wish he'd just shut up and hit the ground, already. --Keef
 Oddly enough, Mavis found a bar that catered to her strange taste for ammonia. --E. Mesis
 Hmmm, no reflection. I figured that was just a myth, like the sunlight thing. --Greg J
 Whew! Thank goodness for breast reduction surgery! --SpinnWebe
 Yipes! Stripes! --Monk n Treb
 Wow wonderbras for 99 cents! I'll buy a case of 'em. --Monk n Treb
 Helen knew the breast implants would draw attention from her prehensile tail. --Monk n Treb
 Why are they all staring at me? And that guy with the camera! They all suspect I'm really a man, don't they? --Greg J
 "okay judy, just keep walking, keep walking, you've kicked the Comet habit, be strong, just walk away..." --Kurt Voelker
 Joyce felt that advertising her price inside the supermarket not only added legitimacy to her service, but also put her on more secure footing, legality-wise. --zed-o-rama
 Betty walked up and down Pottington Street six times, but to no avail. The mysterious little shop was gone. She could not return the enchanted brassiere. --zed-o-rama
 Mrs. Wellington-Smythe left the store in a huff after the clerk accused her of stealing casaba melons. --Capt. phealy
 After leaving the store, Ellen suddenly remembered she was supposed to get horseradish. It would have to wait for another day, however. Her blouse was stuffed completely full of merchandise and she could carry no more. --anon
 I was walking down 8th Street, when suddenly I saw the apparition of Jesus Christ in a shop window. He was telling me that my wicked ways would be the death of me, and that he still loved me. So I bought him...I figured, what the hell, only $.99! --Diggit
 When I'm walkin', I strut my stuff, then I'm so strung out. High as a kite, I just might, stop and check you out. --paTRICK heSTER
 Thelma, startled, notices her reflection for the very first time since escaping from the DFC.. --patrik
 And the Angel said unto her, walk with me and I will lead you to an abundance of inexpensive condiments. And she walked with the angel and verily it was so. --Ian Abrams

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