IADL #120
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 What the hell? "Marry and reproduce?" Wasn't that a Cadillac ad before I put these on? --anon
 I'm the Evil-Midnight-Bomber-What-Bombs-At-Midnght! Yeah, baby! Yeeeeaaah!!!!! --anon
 Beethoven is a Highlander... Whoda thunk? --Doc Evil
 I gotta stop kiddin' myself... There's just NO way to walk out a wedgie! --Doc Evil
 Once in a while , Ozzy Osboure likes to sneak out from backstge into the crowd to watch the kids shit and puke on themselves. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Hey! Back here! It's me, Bigfoot! Jeesh...I guess the seventies really are over. I'm just not as hip as the UFOs these days. I need to call my agent and get on X-Files... --witchiepoo
 I'm HUGE! --Colin
 Clutching the plans to super-secret Project Mambo, Maximilian impatiently awaited the train to Lisbon when reality struck him like a wet gym sock as he thought, "Crap, I think I left the iron on." --anon
 Don Henley is the Terminator! --Thomas Wilde
 After they canceled Kindred: The Embraced, Rick no longer had a reason to live. --Thomas Wilde
 What, no Harvey Kaitel jokes yet? --anon
 Ellen DeGeneres on the set of her latest movie: The Un-Nunning --Monk n Treb
 John Lennon staying low until Yoko croaks. --Monk n Treb
 exclusive in "the enquirer"-ANDY PARTRIDGE FROM XTC STUCK IN TIME WARP AT N.Y.C. BUS STATION --samuel clemens
 Sven froze in shock. He had always thought that it was just bad film footage that made the germans blurry, but now, seeing them through his own eyes he realized that they really ARE. --rudy
 Hey, this isn't an IADL picture-- it's a U2 album cover. --Horselover Fat
 Mensa'a hitman --Azazael
 He was trying not to stare, but who can resist looking at a guy who carries a giant shoe on a handle? --Azazael
 The really funny thing about this picture is... this guy wasnt wearing any pants. --Azazael
 Why is that guy pointing the camera at me? Oh, I'll bet he is from Life or Time magazine! I'll be seen by millions! Finally, my 15 minutes of fame! --anon
 That poor schmuck doesn't even know his hair's falling off, does he? --The decapitated clown
 The screams, the banging, it was all coming back to him now. For some, the tragic events of WrestleMania V will never subside. --Azazael
 His life wrecked by Mr. Kinkaid's sexual molestation, Danny buys a cheap pistol and decides to pay Rubin one last visit. --tsquared
 Meat Loaf on the set of his new video, "I'll Do Anything For Love, Especially If It Comes with Fries and a Large Drink" --anon
 A publicity still from It's Pat 2: The Quickening. --His Imperial Majesty
 The horror... --PKD
 It's hard to look cool when you're in a picture with the Stay-Pufft Marshmallow man in the background. --Pastor of Muppets
 Bobcat Goldthwait IS...The Saint! --Skywise
 The guys at "Spinnwebe" know they're cool --Rich Coughlan
 Why is it that all of the people in these pictures look like super-villains? --bob
 Coming soon to theaters near you: The Day the Man Stood Still --Don Spudleone
 Like all poorly written film characters, Armand winds up in the Warehouse of Lost Thugs. --FatSkinnyWhite
 Far right: the only picture of The Flash on Casual Day. --FatSkinnyWhite
 Madona in her "frumpy" years. --hippie
 John Belushi waits patiently for the Elvis 509. --LivFre
 Spare change for the blind... spare change for the blin... hey, get that camera outta my face! --Pastor of Muppets
 Piotr waited for the train impatiently. This would be his last run smuggling marbles to the former Soviet Union in his cheeks. --Anonywuss

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