IADL #121
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 This scene was cut from The Last Starfighter when Centauri would take his face off to pick up the chicks. --Don Spudleone
 The cleverness of the nasally resourceful shoplifter can be seen in this example. Only the hem of the full-length evening gown is visible. --marx
 * BLLAARRRRRRT!!! * Oh man... That's the part of my brain that does long divsion... --Doc Evil
 Whoooo's a cute little napkin? You're a cute little napkin! Yes, you are! Now give daddy a kiss. --Paul Roub
 Inappropriate Places To Practice The Harmonica (#24 in a series of 79) --Heath
 New for the summer games...the pageantry and excitement of Dove Snorting! --Eblis
 That Time-Life Home Surgery Kit often led to strange scenes in the stores of America. --Thomas Wilde
 The Amazing Antonio ruined the magic act by coughing up what was left of the bunny. --Monk n Treb
 Let's see if they'll deposit this! --The Lawyer
 I'be been blowing in this conch shell for two days, and I still don't see any friggin' mermaids.... --The Lawyer
 Mucas-man begins his transformation as he heads off to another crime-scene ... --Riff
 Ah! The heady aroma of molten knuckle! --Riff
 See, kids! This is what happens if you pick your nose too much -- one day you'll pull on a booger and find it's connected to your spine... --Pastor of Muppets
 Chris turned away, but it was too late. Spinnwebe Securecam had finally caught the pervert who snuck into the women's restroom to steal the used maxipads. --Pastor of Muppets
 "Damn, I must be allergic to bargains!" --Emil Blovin
 Ted thought that using the hanky to smuggle the plastique through the detector was a foolproof scheme...until he had to sneeze, and by force of habit...well, just be thankful that you got the "before" picture, folks. --Kurt S.
 Damn these discount nose jobs! --Azazael
 Sir, that's not how you snort whipped cream! --Riff
 Very few people take the time to stop and smell the tribbles. --Riff
 So that's where all those cotton swabs went! --Riff
 This is why cotton candy is sold on sticks. --Riff
  Woah! Thet's the biggest spitwad I've ever seen! --Riff
 It MUST be possible to get a pair of gloves up a man's nose! It MUST! --Fizzy
 And I was afraid that "Man Blowing Nose" would be a pan and scan release. Boy was I pleasently surprised when they released it in a widescreen edition. --anon
 Yes it was true; Joe can't believe it's not butter..... --Don Spudleone
 Nosepickers Public Guide, #5: A well-placed handkerchief hides that probing finger in search of "buried treasure." --Don Spudleon
 Johnny always cried after his hits because each hit he did for the mob was done with love. --Don Spudleone
 By the time I get here, all the panty jokes are taken. --FatSkinnyWhite

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