IADL #122
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 Ain't lycanthropy a bitch? --Doc Evil
 "Nonsense", she thought. "If the ship were sinking, why would the band still be playing?" --some other dog
 J. Edgar Hoover on a stakeout. --Greg J
 Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have bathed in Rogaine... --toade
 Suddenly I realized... without my purple hat with the peacock feather, rhinestone glasses, and platform shoes, I was on the verge of being mocked by the other pimps. --Wonko
 Suzie's first day as a skag dealer had not been a success... the department store clerk had assured her the coat was all the rage with today's up-and-coming drug lords, but she was beginning to wonder... --macb3th
 For this Candid Camera prank, we actually KNOCKED OVER AN ENTIRE BUILDING! --Evil Ed
 Uh oh! Shit, I forgot tonight's a full moon! --anon
 Flasher, hooker, Cousin It, yadda yadda yadda. Funny how nobody notices the couple in the background doin' the doggy. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 There's a bear loose in the mall! --Tom
 The Bat-Bum Cam! --Don Spudleone
 The Little Rascals stand on each others shoulders for "Mission Impossible 2: The Penultimate Conflict" --FatSkinnyWhite
 No matter which way you tilt the camera, her head's always upright. That's just plain eerie. --Chief Running Chicken Shit
 "What sort of idiot wears a trenchcoat in weather like this?" thought Sarah. --Skywise
 Liz Taylor, in a drunken daze, would often cavort around the local Bullock's Department store wearing nothing but a fur coat, and a panty hose over her head, and scream "I am Cleopatra! Worship me!" --Rev. Jason N Whitmore
 Lydia glanced behind, reacting to the sound of a million angry skinless sea otters approaching from around the corner. --Colin
 Ten bucks says she's related to the fat Terminator guy from #120. --Colin
 Suddenly, SpinnWebe felt a sharp sting on the back of his neck. "A drugged dart!" he thought, "My attempt to infiltrate the Home for Retired Spies is over!" He spun around in a last-ditch attempt to snap a photo of his assailant, but felt his knees give way and suddenly the ground rushed up to meet him... and everything went black. --Steevie
 Superfly was just about to go out and slap dem ho's when he realized he left his face back at the crib. --Don Spudleone
 At last! Proof that the ghost of Sam Kinison does stalk Rush Limbaugh! --Paul Roub
 Slowly turning the woman's decapitated head, the cleverly disguised Binky the Circus Bear continued to elude capture. --marx
 Spare face? Spare face? Exscuse me ma'am, spare face...? --The decapitated clown
 "Ten dollars! Cheap sex with a grandma! $10.. ok, Five, Five dollars!" --Caine
 Daylight Savings Gravity is like regular gravity, except shifted ahead 30 degrees in the springtime. --not elsie
 Psst...Hey buddy! Wanna buy the letter " O "? It'll cost ya just a Nickel...Shhh... riiiight... --Doc Evil

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