IADL #123
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 Looks like Adam Sandlers' piece of $#!+ car FINALLY broke down for good... --Doc Evil
 Safety tip: always wear thick gloves when touching anything on a New York subway, and be sure to wash your hands thouroughly afterwards. --Greg J
 It was then that Marky Mark fell in love with George Costanza's mother while riding home from his weekly proctologist's appointment. --toade
 Donny knew he shouldn't have eaten that onion-garlic-cheese sandwich immediately before riding the subway. --toade
 Friends of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- The Bald, The Sleepy, and The Pocket Pool Player. --Don Spudleone
 "speed" meets "boxing helena" --ummm.. some lamer.
 John's head sagged; the tranquilizer dart in his arm was beginning to take its toll. Soon the Subway Rangers would come, take his weight, and put a metal band around his ankle. --Emil Blovin
 Pocket pool is no fun when your chief source of stimulation is a freak in an orange hunting jacket. --tv's Spatch
 The X-Files new lineup of mysterious characters: Sunburned Man, Ugly Bald Man, Disembodied Redhead, and That Big Dumb Guy with the Stupid Hat. --Evil Ed
 "What are you looking at?, Power Rangers have to commute too you know." --anon
 Huh. Wonder if I can get spit to land right on that spot down there.... --Spoiler
 Excuse me, but is that semen in your hair? --FROW
 Now, Mother, I warned you what I would do if you didn't stop the nagging, didn't I? But you never stopped, you just went on and on and on.... You made me rip your head off. --Tazabby
 Sir Gawain had traveled to many hellish places in search of the grail, but none were as chilling as the train to Brooklyn after the bars closed. --tsquared
 Far right: The Spanish Inqusition's workin' the pole, but can't win over the crowd. --FatSkinnyWhite
 Scene from the smash hit Mr. Thing goes to Washington. --Eblis
 Like, well, uh, see, I know you're a bodyless head and all, but I was, y'know, thinking maybe if you wanted, we could like go out, or something. --Chief Running Chicken Shit
 Martha, overwhelmed by a busy day of shopping, couldn't help but nap a bit during the 5:15 train's "moment of silent prayer." --hippie
 "I know it's not much, ma'am, but it's all I've got, really." --Next week on Margaret, the Disapproving Hooker --anon
 I'd like to mug her, I just don't know how.... --Colin
 It's so embarassing to ride the bus right after cosmetic surgery," Brenda thought, "especially after having fake wood paneling put in." --Colin
 "Everybody, please bow your head as the conductor leads us in prayer." (Subways in Utah) --anon
 Dr. Katz, Arianna Huffington, and one of the Beastie Boys, in the green room before Politically Incorrect. --anon
 And now, a moment of silent prayer for the elderly lady we trampled so we could get on this subway car. --TT
 Nice hooter shot, lady! How about a little you 'n me in the next station's bathroom? --marx
 "...and when you awake you will remember nothing but will have an uncontrollable urge to worship me. The Orange Avenger, keeper of the silver scepter! --snoopy dog dog
 I sure hope this train speeds up, or they'll start the "subway cassanovas" convention without me! --Riff
 John Lithgow takes the subway with Jane Curtin on another thrill-packed episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun. --Riff
 As a senior citizen relocated to New York City, Evil Knevil still attempts death-defying feats of courage. --ChoppingBlock
 Luke tried to look nonchalant as he stared down the woman's dress and played with himself. It didn't work. --The Lawyer
 Don't look at it! DON'T LOOK AT MY ARM! --Caine
 Uh, lady? Y' might not wanna sit there... That seat draws a lotta " Taking a dump " captions --Doc Evil

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