IADL #124
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 You know, anyone who has the balls to fire a postal worker in this day and age either deserves a medal for bravery or a bitchslap for stupidity. --TravisBickle
 Allright, why is Jean-Claude Van Damme working at the Clinique counter? --Sondheim
 Proof-positive that fluorescent lights are just not that good -- that's my mom!!! --Don Spudleone
 Clark Kent (AKA Superman) was eating his fries when suddenly he ran out of ketchup. "Jeez...", he thought, "Now I'm go'nna have to get up and ask for more ketchup." --merridew
 Some people NEVER tire of the old photocopy your butt gag... --Doc Evil
 I am Mr. Nose, I am the maker of many tissues! --Elmo
 Paranoid-man looked at the door, and, lo and behold, Conspiracy-man walked in..........with Schizophrenic-girl, the secret lover of Paranoid-man! --jan
 A blood vessel twitched in his left temple: somewhere in the store a child was chewing gum with her mouth open. Suddenly, he was back in 'Nam... --The Brown Gouge
 I'm not just the President of the " George Jetson Snap-On Hair Club For Men ", I'm ALSO a client! --Doc Evil
 Suddenly, without warning, one of the IADL caption submitters broke into typing 'All work and no play makes jack a dull boy' over and over. --anon
 Jean-Claude Van Damme IS The Rebel without a Clue. --Don Spudleone
 Joe surveyed his domain. He was still reeling in the rush of power that was now his as "Assistant Deputy Counter Associate." --Worser
 "Yes, of course I feel I'm suited to this job... and I'm a snappy dresser, too! Just look at my paper, crud-ridden shirt!" --Wonko
 Shit! That wasn't a malted milk ball. Goddamn people oughta clean up after their dogs. --Mork
 "I'm HUGE!" --Thomas Wilde
 I'd like to get on the list of people who have absolutely no desire to know exactly how SpinnWebe got this close, at this angle, to this guy, please. --Thomas Wilde
 Hans wondered if the swastika impaled in his left eye would prove an adequete signal for his comrades --no12no
 Oh yeah, like those pumps go with that skirt. Whatever! --Col. Lingus
 Mannequin by day, Intense Cheekbone Boy by night, he stalks the wily Kim Cattral! --tv's Spatch
 Hey, Bob was right! You can see Jim's toupee label from this angle! --Evil Ed
 In his younger years, Mr. Hooper DESPISED big yellow birds. --Evil Ed
 Zentor's human exoskeleton kept a constant vigil as he slid his robotic self out the ventral escape hatch for another lunch hour of office mayham in preparation for the invasion fleet that would soon arrive on Earth. --Mustang Man
 Mark froze....they had finally caught him "expressing" himself with the office supplies. --Tazabby
 Ok, I'm done counting the ceiling lights....what's my next duty as executive vice president, Dad? --Tazabby
 "Damn you, Dr. No!" Bond swore as the glass cylindar descended over him and began to fill with lethal gas. --hippie
 As his adversary smugly paraded himself around the office, Hershel was realized he had only one day left to expose his boss as a nazi sympathizer. All he needed was ONE clue. He was just about to give up, when he noticed the cleverly disguised ceiling tile. --A. Nony Mous
 Slooooooooowly I turned... Inch by inch... Step by step... --Doc Evil
 Oh my God...That...That wasn't gas... --Doc Evil
 Inventory sense tingling! This looks like a job for ... OFFICE BOY!!! --Riff
 Desk-caddy-back allows a giant leap forward in the acceptance of mutants in corporate America. --Riff
 ......psst.....hey You!....yes,You!....the loser in the blue shirt.....It's me,GOD.....You got that A.K I asked for?.....Great!...Now it is time to do me bidding!...... Take the holy gun,climb to the top of the postal office and wait for further instructions.....If Ye love me,ye obey me.......If Ye love me,ye obey me......If Ye love me,ye obey me......If Ye love me,ye obey me.........If Ye love me,ye obey me......If Ye love me,ye obey me......If Ye love me,ye obey me.... --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Fear not! Dramatic Lighting man is here! --Eblis
 Jim Bob was surprised to discover that the militia headquarters looked just like any other modern office building, other than the swastikas, which were artfully etched into the ceiling tiles. --MutantDog
 Eagle eyed and steely nerved, Store Security Agent Bubba keeps watch. --rhino333
 Tony thought "I just came in here to buy some rubbers, and next thing I know I have the cashier bent over a chair while I'm looking at the manager's daughter's ass... I gotta lay off the sauce." --macb3th
 While Adam remained distracted by the bright light on his right, the alien swarm managed to break in through the lab's ceiling.... --Tazabby

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