IADL #125
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 Dammit...I spend $69.95 on this Hasbro's Inflate-A-Date, and the friggin' thing keeps deflating! --toade
 Geez, I am nice enough to invite the Wicked Witch to lunch, I accidentally spill a little bit of water on her, and she ditches me! --Don Spudleone
 Understood Rule, #3: McDonald's doesn't really give a shit if you apply for a job wearing a suit or not especially if you are applying to clean the garbage cans. --Don Spudleone
 Darling! How many times have i told you we don't lick our crotches clean in public!? --a guy
 Well, what the hell kind of food do you expect in a restaurant with "King of the Hill" cels framed on the wall? --Thomas Wilde
 ....so then he says, "rectum? Damn near killed him!" Aw, you coats never have a sense of humor..... --Don Spudleone
 "My Dinner with Bernie" (2-1/2 stars) --Emil Blovin
 Hey, baby, you drape around here often? --Evil Ed
 Howard clears the lunch room with, "Who wants to see photos of my kids?" --Evil Ed
 Donald Sutherland on the set of his new movie, My Lover, My Shetland Wool Coat --Gatherer S. Thompson
 " Happy Meal " my ass! --Doc Evil
 A brief insight into the mind of a man on acid. --Riff
 So, tell me about yourself. How long have you been a coat? --Riff
 So who needs friends? I just put my coat over a trash can and voila! --Riff
 Hmmn ... it appears my date has vanished and left a crude scarecrow in her place. Oh, well. Her loss, right? --Riff
 Lunch in the office with R2-D2. --Riff
 Frank hated eating alone...he always felt like people were looking at him. --tsquared
 The conversation stopped dead, I mean, what do you say to a guy who's deflating? --Azazael
 Every Thursday, David Hockney never misses a brunch with his luggage. --brainiac
 Peter Ustinov lunches with a silverback gorilla. --Colin
 Now tell me darling... what's a misshapen lump of grey and black laundry like you doing in a place like this? --macb3th
 Surprisingly few people showed up for the "Meet the Artist" luncheon. --Jim Ellwanger

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