IADL #127
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 "Ok, we've got on our silly anoraks, we've gone trainspotting, now where and when does the heroin fit in to all of this?" --tv's Spatch
 Is this the line for that Punky Brewster reunion? --Don Spudleone
 Cletus and LeRoy were on the cutting edge when it came to "train-jacking". --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 Suddenly Bob was confronted by a ruffian from the wrong side of the tracks. --ChAoS
 Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest in the comedy movie of 1997, "The I Hate When I Do That Guys: On The Rails". --tv's Spatch
 My dad told me to be a gangster... my mother told me to be a gangster. But who do I listen to? My brother the train jockey. Jesus. --macb3th
 Okay okay okay, i'm sorry i yelled at you for getting out on the wrong side of the train. Lester's sorry. Lester's sorry he yelled at Clarence. Here. Blow. Blow. --Ed the Draconian Boss
 I don't give a damn that you can sing just like Gladys Knight, Waylan! If you sing " Friendship Train " ONE more time, I'm gonna rip you a new one! --Doc Evil
 When Crossing Guards Go Bad. --toade
 They said just up the tracks a way we can find a body of some dude who got killed. --Don Spudleone
 An updating of the famous Changing of the Watch scene from Hamlet as performed by The Hooded Theatre Company of Chicago --DoomTrout
 Jim immediately regretted lending Doug his hankerchief.... "Mild nosebleed, my ass!" he thought to himself. --Wonko
 How many times do I gotta tell ya - Mondays, the flags mine. --no12no
 Waiting for the train to Destin, Bob drills Artie on the proper inflation of the buoyancy compensator, as well as on the importance of always displaying the "diver down" flag. --witchiepoo
 Yeah, so we was sittin' aroun', drinkin' beer and shit, when in comes Hank in this DARLIN' evenin' gown... --Evil Ed
 If you tell me to stay on track one more time I'll kill you. --Evil Ed
 "The Gimp" hangs with his brother down by the tracks. --hippie
 Nel! Nel? Damn that Snidely Whiplash, he's found another set of train tracks somewhere! --Chief Running Chicken Shit
 "I don't give a fuck how many mutha-fuckin' geeks is sayin' Iz gonna touch dat third rail, it ain't gonna fuckin' happen!" "Chill, man. It's just comedy, bro." --phonsux
 So, you wanna come back to my place? --Riff
 I tell you man, Mutual Funds! That's where it's at, man! --Riff
 The final test in a school crossing guard's education involves stopping a speeding train. --The Lawyer
 A publicity still from While You Were Sleeping 2: The Quickening. --His Imperial Majesty
 It's the Sooooouul... uhh... Track! --Doc Evil
 You shoulda seen it, Roy! Thomas the Tank Engine derailed and killed all the kids on th' Magic School bus! Damnedest thing I ever saw! --Doc Evil
 "I hereby claim this railroad trestle in the name of Holy Mother Russia! Molotov!" --Mutantdog
 ...that train dragged that lady right through here for 4 miles, guts and blood spewing everywhere, chunks fallin off all over the place. it took a week to clean the shit up. Hey, are you hungry? --FROW
 As you can see, this train station has installed outdoor, quick access shower heads, for the commuter on the go! --Azazael
 "So then I said, 'When you said "el train," I thought you spoke Spanish!'" --Jim Ellwanger
 "Any idea why they told us to make sure we were facing southbound?" --Jim Ellwanger
 Due to the rarity of bulls in Chicago, immigrant matadors often had to test their skills against the El. --witchiepoo

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