IADL #128
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 All the city's cranes and all the city's men could not get Willard Scott up again. --Don Spudleone
 "...and if everyone CRANES their necks upwards, you'll see our new CRANE! HAHAHA! Why are you all looking at me like that?" --Evil Ed
 The Star Trek crew was doing just fine until Data got a hard-on. --It Had to Be Said!
 I can't wait to see the size of the fish we catch with THIS!!!! --Wookiee
 "What a fuckin smell... course, the third rail *is* cheaper than lethal injection." --macb3th
 This is the only photograph that exists of the Super-Secret Society The Order of the Fraternal Crossing Guards. --toade
 You sure it was a QUARTER you lost? I'd hate to go to this much trouble for a nickel. --Rice Dream
 THIS is what it takes to get ME outta bed before noon... --Doc Evil
 What the hell is this? A look inside Salvador Dali's head? --Thomas Wilde
 And, then, with a quick flick of his knife, he cut the rope, and North America was freed of the Olsen Twins...forever. --Thomas Wilde
 Fun time, kids! Can you find the worker that isn't showing crack? --Emil Blovin
 This is a crane. This is a crane on Doug. Any questions? --Big ol' Bob
 "Thank god for the union... now they have to pay 15 guys to stand around and watch a crane." --macb3th
 Ding! Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead! As the munchkins gather and rejoice, Rocco the Good Witch of the North gracefully lowers himself on his magical crane. Advising Dorothy to "Follow the Red Iron Road"...he abruptly wakes up. There will be no more pepperoni and horseradish sandwiches before bedtime for *him*! --witchiepoo
 For some odd reason, I envy that crane...Strange... --Doc Evil
 One more asswipe starts singin' "I've been working on the railroad" and I kick his ass! --Riff
 We're supposed to be making train tracks?! We thought you said crane tracks! --Riff
 And now, a moment of silence for John Henry, who died so we'd have job security. --Riff
 City Maintenance workers prepare to replace heavily soiled wingnut. --Spoiler
 When bungee-jumping, it is always better to stay away from amateur establishments like this one. --FROW
  It's a Dysfunctional Life is currently under construction. Please try back later. --alanon
 Difficult Zone: Figuring out what the hell this is a picture of. --Azazael
 Okay, just push hard when you feel the next contraction ma'am, and the crane will do the rest. --macb3th

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