IADL #129
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 Mirror mirror on the wall.... Who the hell is that? --Terminus
 The window between the men and women's cell blocks in the maximum security prison proved to be a design flaw. --ChoppingBlock
 The customers keep complaining about condoms in the corndogs. --Hives
 A photo of MTV VJ Hell. --Hives
 I'd like some of them french fried pertaters, Mmmmm Hmmmm. And after that I'll be whackin' you in the head with a mower blade, Mmmmm Hmmmm. --BillyBob
 "You jest hold on, Billy; we'll figure out some way to bust you outta this here fast-food joint..." --Thomas Wilde
 In order to reduce costs at the new Motel 3 1/2 hotel chain, there are wall cutouts in lieu of cable tv. --not elsie
 Pictured here: The only Taco Bell ever designed by Salvador Dali -- Architectural Digest --mutantdog
 Noone seems too surprised to find out that there are McDonalds in Hell, too. --mutantdog
 Hey, the law says I have to wash my hands before I cook anything; it doesn't say a damn thing about wearin' pants! --Don Spudleone
 Lord Vader?! We will bring you your tater tots immediately!! --Don Spudleone
 This odd, strangely prophetic painting was the last known work by Monet: Woman Ordering Cheeseburger Hold the Pickles and Onions, A Large Fries, and A Shamrock Shake; Paris, 1934 --toade
 "No, I said 'Candyman' 5 times, not 'Underexposed Fast-Food Man'. Where's my vengeful spirit?" --tv's Spatch
 Renny Harlin gives last-minute direction to the cast of his puppet show "Short Order Cook". --brainiac
 So, Frank, how'd your first prison shower go? --DoomTrout
 Mary finally began to understand why her friends told her NEVER to look in the mirror after eating four hits of "Purple Haze" acid. --Moe The Maneater
 So, you're just going to stand there and stare? What kinda lousy peep show is this? --Colin
 Excuse me, is this where the Dark Featureless Spectres meet? --Colin
 No, you can't! This is my cardboard clubhouse! Mine! Mine! Mine! --Colin
 Alice Through the Looking Glass N' Tha Hood --Azazael
 "when I died, I saw myself floating in a fast-food restaurant. Then, from back by the grill, came a voice...Step into the Light, My Child. --Sammy Clemens
 S'allright in there? S'allright! --Riff
 The man in the red shirt stared suspiciously at the mirror over the urinal... was that a shadow? Something wasn't quite right... --macb3th
 Scene from "The Mundane Puppets" Theatre. --Wonko
 I have to have a car to use the drive thru?? Can't you see my ass is a Buick? --Skywise
 Terri struggled with an existential dilemma that would have puzzled even Kafka: Am I customer waiting in front of the counter...or a server waiting behind the counter? --Kurt S.
 "Bring me the head of Colonel Montoya!" "You want fries with that?" --Elvis

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