IADL #130
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 They crossed Kyle Maclachlan with Mike Meyers! AIEEEEEE!!! --Doc Evil
 Oh god, I'm so embarassed. Gramma has these little fits, and I can't pry her teeth off my shoulder with a crowbar. Just give me back that receipt with my phone number on the back, walk away and let me suffer in silence. --MichaelG
 Yes, we carry 'Born Free' accessories - why? --brainiac
 Business was good at Superfly's Super Seventies Thrift Shoppe. --The Lawyer
 Hi, I'm from the Flannel Liberation Army, I'm here to invade your store? --Colin
 Clyde was very proud of his shrunken shirt collection. --Emil Blovin
 Next on Seinfeld: Elaine becomes obsessed with an elderly woman wearing a leopard-skin bicycle helmet. --Emil Blovin
 I dont care what any of those geeks at Spinnwebe are saying about me, I am NOT gay! --Azazael
 Dont move, Joe! The head ram is a sign of aggression among old ladies! --Azazael
 What do you think? Does Grandma clash with this jacket? --Riff
 And suddenly, their eyes met over Madame Olga's head ... --Riff
 This has to be a Mentos ad! --Riff
 Penny's has grown in popularity since they installed the "Scratch 'n' Sniff" manequins. --Riff
 Another teen is saved from embarassment by Deodorant Inspector Lady! --Riff
 "Jesus Christ, mom, let go of my arm! I'm using the 'grunge' look to pick up babes." --macb3th
 "Excuse me for a minute... it's time for my nurse to give me a barium enema." --Wonko
 "Okay!! I'll go out with you! Now will you please tell your Grandma to let go of my testicles?!!" --mutantdog
 you look about the same size as my mistress, will you try this on? --katwummon
 Mel stared blankly at the woman's long hair. He could get big money for that at the Wig Shop adjoining this very store --Skywise
 Craig's "marine-iguana-down-pants-with-head-poking-out-fly" gag was a real showstopper in the women's wear department. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Jane's breasts were enough to frighten any mere mortal -- that is, any mortal except Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel. --Don Spudleone
 Yeah, Ma'am, the dressin' rooms is right over there. And there ain't no video cameras in 'em, neither. We ain't gonna post nekkid pics of you all over the Internet. Hunh hunh. --His Imperial Majesty
 Hey, wait a second... tiny little sets of clothes... pure white featureless walls... Granma's forehead crazy-glued to my shoulder... Are you sure this isn't the DFC?! --Steevie
 Mom?! No, she's not my mom... she's my... agent! Yeah, agent! --Elvis
 "Sorry, sir. We only carry endangered animals here. Leopards, Bengal Tigers, that strange brown color prevalent in the seventies..." --TravisBickle
 Whaddya mean, "no discount?" Doesn't being Charles Rocket's illegitimate son carry ANY weight in this backwards town?!? --TravisBickle
 Cheer up, mom. I'm sure someone will come up with a caption about your hat. --Goon
 The budget for Mannequin IV: the Quickening was much lower than the preceding episodes. --alanon
 Oh, wow. This pic hits too close to home. I'm thinking that there won't be too many captions makin' fun of this computer geek posterboy. --phonsux
 I almost had it removed...but, hey, she's great company! --Jinx444
 By working in the Ladies Resale Shop, Tom Cruise was able to research his role in "Risky Business 2: Midlife Crisis". --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Now Biff understood why hormone-enriched deoderants were a mistake. --The Brown Gouge
 "As the old woman finished, Maria hesitantly approached the front of the 'masturbate an Italian' line. --Caine
 ...and then, Tony the Tiger burst in, screamed, "Enough of the cereal, I'm going to take down every last one of you fur-wearing murderers!" and wasted everyone in the store with an AK-47. --The Outsider
 Mmmmm. Now there's a torso that would be perfect for my collection! --The decapitated clown
 You mean my "MTV's Kennedy gets mistaken for Gilda Radner" didn't make it? Oh, yeah. They're both dead. --brainiac
 "Don't stare, Cassie. Sometimes old folks get senile and walk out of the house wearing only a shirt and a handbag." --tv's Spatch
 By the time police arrived, a group of onlookers was already browsing through Jeffrey Dahmer's meat locker. --SaukHawk

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