IADL #131
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 "That's strange. All these Family Circus paperbacks have bland, family-values captions to 'em, not like the ones we saw archived on the Internet." --tv's Spatch
 "Sure, honey, go ahead, buy that dictionary. I swear 'gullible' isn't in there." --tv's Spatch
 Today at the westchester library, rejects from the movie Men in Black! --anon
 Sex Life Of The Bat-Eared Twelve Foot Siberian Panda - Shit! This bookstore does have everything ever printed! --not elsie
 Just what this country needs.....goth libraries..... --Don Spudleone
 Sheesh, spread out, buster! There's more than one copy of The Joys of Fisting! --Don Spudleone
 Your hair..it's...hurting me! --Jinx444
 As she reached for the book Chelsea though "I wish these Secret Service guys would back off a little." --Rice Dream
 Just walk away, dear... There's a man with a digital camera behind us and the IADL people sure won't believe we're in the "Cooking" section... --macb3th
 Well, here it is... "Toxicology for Dummies"... dear, I still think swallowing Drano warrants a visit to the hospital... --macb3th
 What the hell? Do they ALL have these little symbols in them? Where are the picture books?! --Ron Martin
 John Malkovich and Kim Basinger star in 9 1/2 Weeks II: The Library. --The Lawyer
 Here it is. "Penis Removal After Sphincter Spasm." That sounds like the book we need, all right. --The Lawyer
 While Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby were off being chased by the ghost, Fred and Daphne located the secret passage behind the bookshelf. --Emil Blovin
 As she pulled the book from the shelf, he read the title to himself: "So you're being stalked." Damn! She was on to him! --Goon
 Here it is, honey. "101 more sexual positions for couples with severe height differences" --Riff
 Put that back in your pants, honey. That's a library no-no! --Riff
 "Excuse me, ma'am, where's the fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuck books?" Leroy interposed, smoothly. --Horselover Fat
 Mike and Tina had deceived each other about their real reasons for coming to the bookstore. Mike was looking for the "Kama Sutra." Tina was looking for "Poisons and Their Uses." --Kurt S.
 "Yes! The Melville! Yes! --Elvis
 Spinnwebe-Murphy Law #4: If any IADL pic has a female that might be better looking than a wildebeest, she'll have her back to the camera and/or have a dork hovering over her. --Pastor of Muppets

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