IADL #132
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 After finally climbing up by the movement of her head, the upper torso of Clair gives her face a break. --Wakaboy
 Lenny wondered if he could get the coat, bustier and fishnets back into the closet before his wife found out he was "Lenore" by day. --arnette
 Slowly, stealthily, the specticled Huafschagger twins move in for the kill. Tonight they would hit the town, resplendant in their new genuine immitation fur coats and Liz Claiborne pumps. --Grendel
 Nytol will help you get your ZZZZZs...(zzznogg). --Monk n Treb
 Roll up for the Kevorkian Suicide Tour. Stiff right this way. --Monk n Treb
 Defending Your Life 2: Nancy awoke from the car crash on a bus to heaven. Her joy quickly faded when she realized that she was stuck on the same bus as Marvin, that boy from her high school days, who kept trying to look up her skirt, making slurping and moaning sounds. --King of all Pimps
 Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley rides the subway home after a kinky all-night lesbian encounter with Shari Lewis --Mutantdog
 An early still shot of Pearl Forrester in Get Off the Bus 2: the Quickening. --Thomas Wilde
 Now where did I leave that muskrat? I'll close my eyes and try to remeber. --Terminus
 I thought maybe it was Meg Ryan incognito until I spotted all the body hair. --ChoppingBlock
 It was almost impossible for the two pasty white men in glasses to cruise eachother with that girl in the way. --ChoppingBlock
 Melaine Griffth acting like she's getting noticed, just in case. --Hives
 Lydia steeled herself as she heard the distinctive "snap" of a QuickTake... first time riding the subway in months, and the IADL had got her. --macb3th
 Milly continued to meditate calmly even as the top of the ship began to melt and everyone ran around her screaming. --Tazabby
 Wow. Cows really do sleep standing up. --Chief Running Chicken Shit
 Usually revealed by their pallid skin, the walking dead rarely ride the subway. --macb3th
 The new style in taxidermy: Stuffing pretentious British women and selling them to rich foxes. Stylish! --The decapitated fool
 sniffffffffffff.......these New York subways smell so GOOD!!! --sammy clemens
 Speed 3 -- So Scary, You'll Sleep through It!! --Don Spudleone
 After defeating the deadly aliens a third time, Lt. Ripley comes out of cryogenic fugue, only to discover that she has been revived on the set of "Revenge of the Nerds 16: Dorks in Space". --Digabuttagreas'em
 The myopic alien studied Edie McClurg carefully, hoping to discover how to produce an accurate skin tone, thus blending in with the rest of humanity. --DoomTrout
 "Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean." --Elvis
 Leroy wondered how much longer he could go on without telling his wife that her mink coat was still alive! --Magus
 Oh God, please, please, please, let me open my eyes and not be in the IADL. --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 W.C Fields' nose stars in "Switch II" --Colin
 "I never thought the trip to the afterlife would be on a bus," Lydia thoughts, as the Heavenly Greyhound traveled through the clouds. --Colin
 So that's where she went after she left my place. --The Lawyer
 Come bus ride, come pantless, or come dozing off, the IADL will always be there. --Don Spudleone
 Nipsy the pigmy subway wolverine happily dry humps a reluctant commuter's shoulder. Savvy riders know a nasty mauling awaits any who interfere. Such is Nature's way. --Ngoc van Trimble

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