IADL #133
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 This is not a bad haircut.....this is not a bad haircut....this is only a dream..... --Don Spudleone
 Will somebody throw his hair a cricket. Its hissing at me. --Grendel
 He no longer controlled the hair. The hair controlled him. --Monk n Treb
 Suddenly, a flock of crazed flesh-eating dragonflies descended on his head and began gnawing at his brains. To struggle would be futile. Besides, it wouldn't be cool. --mutantdog
 Give it away- Give it away- Give it away, now! Where th' hell is my sock? --Doc Evil
 Whoa-oah! Now I know why M. Bison never took off his hat! --Doc Evil
 When the Cardassians reclaimed DS9, they discovered that Sisco had changed the decor. --The Lawyer
 Jax attempts to sneak into the Mortal Kombat 4 auditions by changing his hairstyle. --Thomas "Well, someone had to complete the Mortal Kombat caption troika" Wilde
 In this still from the Zapruder film, you can see "Dreadlock Man" being hit in the forehead by the Magic Bullet. Notice how it has already emerged from the back of his skull, already on the way to hit Kennedy in the face. --Thomas Wilde
 At the Midget Photographers Convention in Wichita it was discovered that the biggest obstacle facing the group was not height, but lighting fixtures. --ChoppingBlock
 "Okay, who's the bastard who threw the Sea Urchin?" --ChoppingBlock
 Dan smiled to himself... this new "snap-on dress shirt" enabled him to look outwardly formal while still maintaining his essential "goth" look. --macb3th
 Rock Legend Lenny Kravitz takes a break from recording his new record to check out what's playing at the Ciniplex Odeon tonight. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Let's see.....rigatonis and fettechini with mariana sauce flavored with cannabis! Rasta Pasta!!! Yeh Mon!!!! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Much like plants, punk hairdos will often grow toward a light source. --Riff
 The latest in cyberpunk fashion - neural link dreadlocks! --Riff
 Damn Van de Graff light fixtures! --Elvis
 Liu Kang! I will destroy you in Mortal Kombat IV!!! --anon
  The Jem 'Hadar are invading ' Applebees '. Run for yer lives!!! --Doc Evil
 The evil mini black hole hitched itself a ride on Dan's back, waiting for the right opportunity to jump off and swallow the whole solar system. --Tazabby
 So that's what Cyrax looks like without his armor! --His Imperial Majesty
 Lead singer of Rage Against The Machine spotted during candid moment at "Denny's" --anon
 A shadow vessel goes after a cigar store indian.--christ, that's awful --phonsux
 Just one of the many exciting hairstyles that can be achieved using the new Tesla ElectroStyler 2000 --MutantDog
 Trendy prisons everywhere are installing hip new electric chairs. --Big ol' Bob
 My name is Klaa'tau. I am a decorated Klingon Warrior. And this is my heat lamp. --Moe The Maneater
 And the blood goes "Pssssshhhhh" in slow motion. --Evil Ed
 See what happens if you don't tie off the ends? The whole thing unravels! --Evil Ed

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