IADL #134
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 Dammit, Spinwebe! How do you keep getting photos from my family reunioins? --Doc Evil
 The "Fame Kids"...where are they now? --witchiepoo
 This is where the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 would be if it weren't for the Fox Network. --Don Spudleone
 The new looks for skid row this winter -- coming to a bus stop near you! --Don Spudleone
 Man, where the hell is this Godot guy? --Wet Wookiee
 The book signing party for Susan Lucci's new book didn't draw much of a crowd. --arnette
 Cleveland's new Ghettoquarirum. --Monk n Treb
 Just another Fourth of July in Minnesota. --Bill
 The Independent Films Channel tries to draw younger viewers with this flop: Ingmar Bergman's Power Rangers --Bill
 After UPN bought the rights to Third Rock From the Sun, the network demanded a cast change. --The Lawyer
 Two minutes later the woman in orange was out cold on the sidewalk. They'll get up for a senior citizen the next time they're asked thought the old lady as she began to swing her bag at the next person's head. --Tazabby
 Since her divorce from Frasier, Lilith has fallen on hard times. --anon
 "Wait for my brother, Baron!" This dramatic scene from Dune was much better after the matte painting and blue-screening were finished. --hippie
 Jabba the Hutt's Twilek translator hit hard times after his employer was killed. Here, he waits on the soup kitchen line. --Thomas Wilde
 The crashers of Christie Brinkley's Aspen wedding were taken in for interrogation --ChoppingBlock
 The cast for The Cosby Show, waiting for the #3 to Queens. --Chief Running Chicken Shit
 This zoo sucks. Why are all the monkeys throwing us peanuts? --Hives
 Auditions for the new Marylin Manson Mascot. --Hives
 The rest of the people attempted to avoid the gaze of the pale woman carrying the giant teabag... --macb3th
 This Fall on UPN!!! LL Cool J star in the new hit sitcon "My White Bitch And My Four Mellato Pups". --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 When Dad went to the vasectomy clinic, Mom brought along the kids so he wouldn't get "second thoughts." --Emil Blovin
 The cast of the weirdest 4th grade Christmas pageant ever. --Jim Ellwanger
 The neighborhood always remembered to save a space for the Ghost of the Park Bench. --Riff
 "Forrest Gump" was a big hit in the Ukraine, but the people seemed to misunderstand the film's message ... --Riff
 Starving and half-crazed, the children attack the hapless woman, their warped, abused minds mistakening her for a huge tangerine. --Colin
 There were six on the bench and the old and decrepit one said..."roll over, roll over." So they all rolled over and one fell out. There were five on the bench and the old and decrepit one said.... --Tazabby
 where's norman rockwell when you need him? --kat
 Scene from the Broadway hit, Coats. --phonsux
 This is the strangest fucking episode of "Webster" I've ever seen in my life. --c. hewett
 "Excuse me, Miss? Could you pass this white sack down to the dead girl sitting between Winnie the Pooh and Emmanuel Lewis?" And that's the point in the dream where I wake up screaming. --Orange-Jacket Gal
 If you and those around you can live with the slight blanching and nausea, nothing screams "21st Century Chic" like a radioactive fur coat. --J. Stamos
 And here we see Dante's Bus Stop, where bad drivers are damned to wait for a bus that never comes for ALL ETERNITY! --Evil Ed
 Is this the line to kick Rush Limbaugh's ass? --Evil Ed
 The Orange People who used to live on the Sun usually stood out in a crowd... --Evil Ed
 Family Portrait-- the Michellin Man's less prosperous relatives. --phonsux

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