IADL #135
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 Now you see why we had to chop your husband into small pieces, Noriene: he fits down the garbage disposal much easier... --Emil "Now with a REAL link" Blovin
 The good side of failing kindergarten thirty-three times in a row is that you can sneak into the teacher's lounge incognito. --Heath (27 times and counting...)
 How to keep yuppies from voting. --Hives
 The Young Ones, 1997: Neil gets a haircut and Rick returns from Sweden to find that Vyvian finally got a degree -- in Interior Decorating. --Pastor of Muppets
 "Honey, I got all the groceries... milk, eggs, garbage-bag full of cocaine..." --macb3th
 Let the dyke jokes begin! --Emil Blovin
 Are these two dykes the Laverne and Shirley of the 90's? You decide ... --Riff
 Dyke Jeans - for when you've just stopped caring about how you look. --Riff
 At the last episode of Kate & Allie Susan St. James was seen walking off with a lot of expensive props. --ChoppingBlock
 Martha Stewart was dismembered and thrown into a trash bag by a group of militant feminists. --ChoppingBlock
 Fashion Don't: Graduate from college already! When wearing a petite backpack—get smart girls—make sure it is on both shoulders! --ChoppingBlock
 At Lucerne Lakes Apartments, the kitchen cabinets are conveniently located in the living room. --Jim Ellwanger
 Forget the key, Lucy, I'll just smash it open with my forehead. --Tazabby
 It took a doctor's autopsy for Dow Labs to realize that you should never keep the coffee pots under the unlocked poison cabinet. --Tazabby
 Holy shit, Julie! This stuff isn't decaf! Are they crazy? They know I can't relax without decaf, they know I can't stop moving around, and that I can't sit down, and that I just can't stop talking. What can I do? You know I can't stop....here let me wash all this stuff. They know I can't stop talking....... --Tazabby
 Sheesh, piss in the bathtub like everyone else, Karl. --Skywise
 It's Prof. Bobo ( Son of Koko ) and Pearl Forrester! Run before they send US a crappy movie! --Doc Evil
 Don't you hate the way these porno flicks start so slow? They always got to have a damn story or something. --mutantdog

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