IADL #136
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 After you've won for the third time, SimCity just kinda sucks. --phonsux
 "Peter?" "Yes, MJ?" "Oh, ooohhh, God, Peter!" "Oooh, Maryjane!" "Yes,Yes!" --phonsux
 NYC Stress Relief Car Club Meeting: We wait til the crosswalk is full, then GUN it! --Morwen
 HELP! An army of nuns is attacking the city! RUN! --Magus
 Have I been drinking at the computer again, or does the building in the lower left corner look like a giant boom box with a tape in the deck? --Pastor of Muppets
 Disfunction Junction, what's your Function. --ChAoS
 In order to gain market share, CBS decided to put cameras on suicide jumpers. --Don Spudleone
 Boy, the Goodyear Blimp will cover anything..... --Don Spudleone
 No one knew what to think of the New York City cars who had stopped at a crosswalk. --ChoppingBlock
 As Bills Gates' Near Death Experience began to unfold, he saw his own body on the street beneath him. He knew the shooter, a disgruntled WIN95 user, had not missed. --arnette@geocities.com
 Godzillas future toejam. --Monk n Treb
 M.c. Escher's newly discovered "The Parking structure". --Monk n Treb
 "Aw fuck!" thought Bob as he dropped past the 15th floor. "If I thought I could fly, I should've tried to take off from the ground first!" --Madmike "been wantin' to use that for years" Hoke
 Danglespit! Snickersnag! --Doc Evil
 ...Meanwhile Racer X and Speed were in a three-way tie against the evil " Chocolate Twinkie Van "... --Doc Evil
 That's an awful lot of hookers for just one street corner. --tv's Spatch
 This is obviously a Canadian city, because the traffic is yielding to pedestrians. --Jim Ellwanger
 The ant on the edge waxed philosophical for a moment. "Wow, they all look like little humans." --Skywise
 "I think it's the runway," thought the captain of Valu-Jet flight 362. --Heath
 Following the nuclear holocaust, the three remaining cars in Manhatten are lined up in rememberance for "Rush Hour Day." --Bill
 I'M CRUSHING YER HEAD! I'M CRUSHING YER HEAD! oh,ho, ho- you cannot escape me and my fingers of death! I'M CRUSHING YOUR TINY LITTLE SKULLS!!! --King of all Pimps
 The ultimate race begins: That car from JAG, the A-Team van and a New York City cab ... --Riff
 ... it seems Baron Otto Matic is once again in last place. When will he ever learn that cheaters never win? --Riff
 Looks like trouble for Gotham City! The Penguin is up to his old tricks, with thousands of missle-laden birds filling the streets ... --Riff
 After auto racing lost its tobacco sponsors, things went downhill rapidly. --SaukHawk
 *hoik* PTUI! --Thomas Wilde
 Wait a minute, this camera doesn't have a zoom lens ...Shit! I'm falling!!! --not elsie
 It's either IADL or one of David Letterman's wacky "scare the NYC citizens" bit. --Colin
 Hey up there! We're the Difficult Zone police! Don't do it! Don't jump! --Colin
 And isn't it cute how he sculpted the raisins to look like actual people! --Colin
 After Spinnwebe achieved flight, IADL was limited to aerial shots only. --Colin
 "Why was the grassy knoll on the left?" thought Lee, as he awoke from a strange dream. --Jinx
 The IADL Sky-Cam just didn't work out, since there is no way to pick out the lesbians in the pictures. --The Lawyer
 The pro street finals this year was much more exciting with the inclusion of the center "limo lane" --Lurch
 How many Hail Marys do you get for hocking a loogie on a nun? --Wet Wookiee

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