IADL #137
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 ...Bushwhacker Bob and his mother called " Mum ". Come to Tazmania, come to Tazmania... --Doc Evil
 Run! More RenFaire pics are approaching! Run for your liiiiiiiives!!! --Doc Evil
 It's the annual " Running of the Geezers " in Barcelona! --doc Evil
 The Marlon Brando Look-a-likes were one of the smallest and least popular contingents in the Harlem Pride Parade. --Aunt Cake
 Arrggh! I might have gone my entire life without seeing these people. Thank you, SpinnWebe, thank you so bloody much! --His Imperial Majesty
 Located down the road from Disneyland, Earl's Amusmint (sic) Park didn't have much for entertainment, especially in the way of it's daily Earl's Grandparents And Cousins Parade. --tv's Spatch
 Few people know of the obscure 'Gay Shame' parade; comprised entirely of those who have proved an embarassment to the gay community. --anon
 Dave didn't know which was more humiliating... having to push the baby stroller, or the two-foot replica of "Pat" strapped to his back. --Troy
 If this was the Netherlands, those two old fogies would have been euthanized by now. --The Lawyer
 The action is intense here at the hundred-meter mosey! --anon
 Y'know, you can tell Spinnwebe's changed. Before the downtime, we'd have already had about six thousand colostomy bag jokes about that guy's fanny pack. --Thomas Wilde
 There's an Indigo/Indigent Girls caption here, but damn, I can't figure it out . . . . --phonsux
 Okay, Rudy, hon, who should I curse to eternal damnation next? --Colin
 See! She's out of step with the rest of them and she's holding the cigarette in her right hand when she's left handed! She must be dead! --Colin
 One good thing about having a baby at 68: you can use your investment dividends to pay a nanny. --Jim Ellwanger
 Look, pig, you ask me to "check your lens cap" one more time and you're gonna need endoscopy to get your camera back..." --anon
 These fine philanthropists are walking for Jerry's Kids. Shouldn't somebody be walking for them instead??? --Don Spudleone
 Man, Dr. Forrester and his mom do NOT age well. --Don Spudleone
 Thanks to the "Charmin Triple Roll" stuck to her shoe, police were able to track the baby-snatcher to her secret hideout. --Riff
 The results of last year's aerial estrogen spraying. --Jinx
 First thought-- Eeewwww . . . more damn European Tourists. --phonsux
 The Barby Twins: After social security --phonsux
 The last piece of evidence tossed out by the Warren Commission: What was the lesbian doing with a baby carriage in front of the grassy knoll? --phonsux
 "Truely a wretched hive of scum and villany."-Obi-Wan Kenobi --Magus
 Nobody could bring themselves to tell John that the concrete did not need mowing. --Emil Blovin
 Madonna experiences life as a bag lady for her new movie "Evicted". --Morwen
 The Mod Squad Comeback Special was not as popular as had been hoped. --Bill
 While their on-screen doubles practice the lip-synch for the new video, the true voices of the Spice Girls go for a stroll. --Bill
 Martha was furious. While her own breasts had succumbed to the pull of gravity, Earl's only became more perky and robust. --Bill
 It's round-up time at the old folk's ranch ... --Riff

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