IADL #138
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 "Damn! Missed the trolley. Now how am I going to get this box of body parts home?" --who said that?
 ... and guys carrying "The World is Going to Hell" plaquards ride FREE! --frick
 A homeless man and his cardboard box home are the latest victims of a Grateful Dead tagger crew. --phonsux
 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air takes over Lucy Van Pelt's psychiatric business while she hops the 4:15 trolley to Steak & Ale. --tv's Spatch
 "Well, damn, I didn't know there was a law against singing that Rice-A-Roni song on a trolley." --tv's Spatch
 Still clutching the rejection notice from the Villiage People, the Sanitation Engineer walks the streets of San Francisco, embittered and alone. --DoomTrout
 Shit, I'm always the one that gets stuck the job of feeding the trolleys... --Colin
 Leon is a special boy! He gets to ride the short trolley to school! --Don Spudleone
 Thomas' archenemy, Terry the Trolley, would pick up unsuspecting passengers and dump them in the middle of nowhere. --Don Spudleone
 Looks like ol' "Man On The Grassy Knoll" is gonna make the get-together this year after all... --The Interrupting Cow.
 "This is bullshit! That thing is running on tires! San Francisco Treat My Ass!" --ChoppingBlock
 No one listens to Calypso music out of a square barrel. --phonsux
 Tom Hanks stars as the "Man in The Yellow Hat"role in the new "Curious George goes Bi in San Fransisco" film --scumbagz
 Suddenly the Neighborhood Trolley realized it wasn't in the Land of Make Believe any more. --Jim Ellwanger
 Racer Ronny - the San Francisco treat! --Riff
 "Speed 3: The Trolly" was the death rattle of the series. --The Unnamed Cat

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