IADL #139
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 I can't BELIEVE we both wore the same belt!... --anon
 37-year-old accountant Arnold Katz chats with a groupie before skateboarding in the "older than dirt" division at Warped '97. --Mr. Groovy
 "You're the one who's dysfunctional!" "No, you're the one who's dysfunctional!" "No, you are!" "You!" . . . --Heath
 No, I think Dr. Hawking's theory on black holes is completely incorrect. Say, wanna fuck? --The Lawyer
 What do you mean you "just want to friends?" I was just going to ask you for some spare change. --anon
 Let's hope he's a Paunch-Master (TM) salesman. --phonsux
 They attempted to keep talking and not stare at the man with a baby growing out of his neck alongside. --Colin
 Hey! I knew you from kindergarten! So, you still like fingerpainting? --Colin
 An undercover Difficult Zone cop busts some whores. --Colin
 "No, really, didn't I download you once from alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.lonely-geek?" --spook
 Your chocolate is in my peanut butter! Your peanut butter is in my chocolate! --Don Spudleone
 "Mmmm-hmmm...say, Ralph, the reunion actually ended three days ago, d'ya think you could wind it up?" --The Interrupting Cow.
 Ever since the '3 Bears' incident, Goldielocks held a secret repugnance towards all fat, hairy men. --Magus
 Buck and Troy, old highschool football teammates, had a suprise re-union at SanFran fair. --ChoppingBlock
 If you're a hooker, I must be standing in the Difficult Zone. --Jinx
 "Where else you gonna get a blow job and and 10 pound fully cooked ham for fifty bucks?" --MutantDog
 Yep, her halitosis meter is pinging! --phonsux
 Just how much ecstacy did you put in this damn drink,Joe? --Jim Galcik
 Let the hooker jokes begin! --Emil Blovin
 On the set of "Married with Children: The Movie." --The Unnamed Cat
 "You bought the 'All-You-Can-Eat' ticket? Me too!" --Jim Ellwanger
 Why thank you! I am very proud of "Harper Valley PTA..." --Bill
 IADL pickup line # 41: Hey babe - wanna dance in my shower? --Riff
 Sick of chaining up your girlfriend and discovering her virginity has been stolen when you return? You need The Club For Chicks! --Riff
 Looks like Elvis Costello is about to get lucky at Lollapalooza `97. --Riff
 You're really a prefessional escort? Er ... me, too! --Riff
 When a tranny meets a tranny, comin' through the rye ... --Riff
 Don't bother dude - that's a man! --Riff
 No offence, Burt, but that's the worst hairpiece yet! --Riff
 And suddenly, her eyes met his shades, his eyes met her cleavage ... --Riff
 Hey, What's she doing talking to Tom Arnold? That lying, cheating little bitch...WELL, Tom won't be hearing from ME again!!! --Homer Sexual

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