IADL #140
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 Like many other religions, Jenny Craig has its heretics, too. --phonsux
 Travelling in "deep disguise", Clinton steps off Road Force One and slowly scans the horizon, looking for the familiar Golden Arches. --Wanker
 A new statue is installed at "Bea Arthur Memorial Trailer Park". --GATHERER S. THOMPSON II: The Quickening
 That's too big to be a space station... --Doc Evil
 I didn't know The Skipper had a sister... --Doc Evil
 Mrs. Grey Horse greets casino patrons with the traditional Micmac "chestflapping" greeting. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Louise was leaving the crafts fair when she felt the tears well up. She'd been in denial for months, but no longer. By God, it was true- there would be NO MORE Erma Bombeck columns! Ever again! --anon
 Tonight on Fox: When Grandmas Get Lost! --Skywise
 Captain Ahab, meet your party at the lost and found trailer by the food concession... --The Interrupting Cow.
 I think we can all count our lucky stars that this woman decided to wear pants today..... --Don Spudleone
 Either this woman has the worst case of hemorrhoids I've ever seen, or we've just found Captain Winky!! Aaaiiiiieeeeeee! --Don Spudleone
 Eileen had no marketable skills and she could coast on her looks forever... --ChoppingBlock
 Your eyes, your leeps, your bunk bed blood bag buns... --This aint no DFC
 Later, Industrial Light and Magic would digitally replace the stand-in with a computer-generated Roseanne. --Troy
 Humanity At the Peak Of Evolutionary Progress --The Bi-nazi Society
 Coming this fall: Maude: The Next Generation --Shifter
 The Miss Universe pageant just isn't what it used to be. --The Lawyer
 On the set with the star of "Fuckin Grandma" --Todo
 Kathy Bates - where is she now? --Riff
 So that's what happened to Grandma! --Riff
 Cuba has a large problem with people smuggling in grandmothers. --hippie
 How trite, somebody already vandalized this pic with the traditional moustache and goatee. --phonsux
 Two Roswell aliens disguised as humans walk down the sidewalk opposite and Spinnewebe takes a picture of the bulbous old woman....sheesh --Colin
 If only a maintainer of a page that makes perverted fun of people on sidewalks across America would take a picture of meeee... --Colin
 "Oh god, the colors...the shading... One minute I'm watching TV with Billy and Dolly and the next thing you know the house lands on a witch...WHAT THE HELL'S HAPPENING TO ME????" --spook
 Another satisfied Museum of Old Camping Trailers visitor. --Jim Ellwanger
 Drew Barrymore....2046 A.D. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Marion felt a burning sensation "down there" as the white hot laser blast ripped her a new one! --Moe The Maneater
 She may not look like much, but she'll make point five past lightspeed... --Han Solo
 Why is this woman posing in front of a blood mobile? --Don Spudleone

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