IADL #141
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 We use children to grind our hops. --Bill, stealing liberally from MST
 "Miss! MISS!!! Yes, I'll take the one in the blue shirt, please." --Sean Hart
 Jesus, three minutes, they're hardly even browned, let alone charred, and three of them are still up and writhing! I've gotta turn the burners up to "HIGH". --Wanker
 Rejoicing with new government deregulation, the tobacco companies open up several fun-filled "Kiddie Smoke Parks" across the nation. A whole new generation of "customers" is thus created. --Jack Rabbit Slick
 They call this a mosh pit?? When I was younger, mosh pits meant something! --Don Spudleone
 Years of research had shown that the euthanasia portion of the 'selective breeding' program was more acceptable to the public if bright colors were used. --mutantdog
 Is this how they acid-wash jeans? --Don Spudleone
 Bob realized the girl in the baloon was only twelve just a split second before the lightning bolt hit him... --Doc Evil
 This is one weird-ass RenFaire.. --Doc Evil
 I swear -- as soon as we can get this to take off, we'll be following Hale-Bopp in no time. --Yakk
 When Bob noticed that the statues turned into 12-year old girls gyrating for his entertainment he knew that he had finally taken too much heroin. --Don Spudleone
 Much to the pleasure of customers after Hong Kong's turnover to China, the red light district has gone more public. --Don Spudleone
 ...and you should have seen the main attraction --ChoppingBlock
 MoonBounce-a-Go-Go. Something even Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In had the good taste not to use. --phonsux
 Our hydroponically-grown children are known throughout the galaxy for their tenderness and meaty taste. So when you think children hors d'oeurves, think Groznkl's Child Farm, one mile south of the Crab Nebula. --tv's Spatch
 Jack watched helplessly as the mutant space hamburger claimed his daughter, his wife and, alas, his bowling buddy, Roger. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 "I am supra tourist/guest villian. Prepare to meet a bouncy death, you pitiful fools!" --phonsux
 Having more dignity than every DFCer ever born, Phil put down his camera, resolving not to film the lucious young vixen. --phonsux
 More evidence that over hormone-injected cows are causing girls to reach adolescence ealier, thus the eight yeart old sporting the strainging bikini . . . . --phonsux
 How many coupons is the Jello with people inside? --Thomas Wilde
 Ah, the circus; a twisted festival of lost and lonely souls... --Thomas Wilde
 I'd like to abuse them--I just don't know how... --Colin
 Dang, there's nothing dysfunctional that I could mention here that isn't shouted out by that obviously constipated tourist in front... --anon
 Much like the similar scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 4, the souls of the damned scream and stretch themselves against their elastic prison. --Colin
 Yes, yes! I'm a bad clown! --Colin
 Now i can study them without the usual paranoia.Calm, collected, i can overcome this obsession. --The Mystic Nazi Society
 After the collapse of the USSR, Larry thought his career at an end; that was before he discovered his inflatable nuclear shelters might have recreational value. --Shifter
 Bob watched with surprisingly little emotion as the Ebola victims were gassed to death. --The Unnamed Cat
 Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the most disturbing IADL picture. --Colin
 I keep clicking on the picture, but I can't get a closeup of the chick in the bikini, damn it. --The Lawyer
 The ACLU is still debating whether or not this punishment violates the constitutional rights of people convicted of pronouncing nuclear "nookyular." --alanon
 "Biosphere 3" turned out to be an even bigger fiasco than its predecessor. --Riff
 An outbreak of "Bubble-boy" disease led to the next logical step - "Bubble-communes"! --Riff
 "Bikini inflato-dome wrestling" was an ill-concieved idea from the start. --Riff
 Ladies and gentlemen - the genie of the ball-pit! --Riff
 "Doll City" wondered why its innovative method of keeping the patrons from touching the dancers wasn't drawing more customers. --Jim Ellwanger
 The Blob prepares to claim another victim. --no one of any consequence

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