IADL #143
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 Like their avian counterparts, vulture cockroaches circle their hapless prey. The small but voracious insects have an uncanny ability to sense impending unemployment. --Steevie
 Suddenly Sam realized he was the last man on earth, and now it was time to see if those women were lying all those years. --Ralph
 Here's an eerie fact: five minutes later, another photo was taken of the exact same shot. The nerd hadn't moved, but all the spots had. --Shifter
 Is anyone else concerned that this guy's fly continues all the way up to his chin? --Shifter
 Now where the hell did I leave the car? And Helen and the kids? Oh, I did bad! --anon
 Harvey stared at his masterpiece, wondering where to squash the last grape and finish his newest abstract sidewalk art piece. --Noonan68
 After the tragic loss of his hands, Bob took a correspondence course in Spoon-Bending. He quickly graduated from the intermediate course in Sidewalk-Deviation and is now looking forward to earning his Masters in Skyscraper-Curling. --DoomTrout
 If that web holds, that spider will live like a king for the next 20 years... --Don Spudleone
 The crowd that turned out for the Diff'rent Strokes reunion proved to be far more than expected. --Don Spudleone
 Dirty Billy. His famous catch-phrase: Go ahead, punk. Make it a double relish on that hot dog . . . . --phonsux
 "Great. Just perfect. I get all comfortable and accepting of myself and the moment I chose to come out of the closet, no one is around." --phonsux
 Despite skeptics' claims, pennies really do dig holes in the sidewalk outside the Sears Tower. --nice personality
 "Notice the beautifully composed picture. The lines on the sidewalk follow the eyes natural viewing pattern, and the color coordination of the lonely, pathetic piece of shit provide lovely contract to the bleak landscape." --spaz
 Well I'll be damned, that is Jim Nabors! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 That guy lied to me...it's quarter past eight and they haven't rolled up sidewalk one... --Waldo
 Playin' pocket pool on a really wide scale. --phonsux
 The security industry shows leniency towards amputees in their hiring policies, after all, who needs hands to monitor crime? --phonsux
 Oh, yeah, baby. You know I'm a stud. C'mon, you can see my enormous bulge, and you know you want it . . . tch, she's walkin' away. Dumb whore . . . . --phonsux
 Bored with anal probes, alien scientists move on to studying bad toupees. --The decapitated weirdo
 Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, this picture shows the defendant in the act of committing this heinous crime. Just look at how, in cold blood, he turns his own mother into a cripple! --The decapitated weirdo
 Hmmm...what a pleasant day, I think I'll---where the FUCK are my hands!!! --Colin
 Hee hee, I'm standing in four states at once! --Colin
 Yup. Street geometry. Civil engineering. Yup. --Jinx
 "So I sez to my boss, 'fuck white dress shirts..BLUE, motherfucker, BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'" --Jinx
 A view from the "Pigeon-Cam" right before payload release. --The Lawyer
 Shamefully afraid of heights, young Chuck Wallenda became a manager at Circuit City and dreamed of the high wire. --SomeDumbGuy
 Gerald's belly had gotten so expansive it was warping local space-time. --Emil Blovin
 Two weeks, and Manhattan was still deserted. Joe was starting to wonder in maybe this wasn't leading up to a surprise party. --Shifter
 Frank swore he wouldn't leave this spot until he figured out where the sidewalk ended and the street began. --Jim Ellwanger

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