IADL #144
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 It's not nice to fool Mother Nature, Motherfucker! --Doc Evil
 Finally, Harold learned Kung Fu. Now, only strangers laugh at his clothes. Once. --Geoduck
 "If another drunken pervert propositions me in butchered olde english, I'm going to dent my beer stein on his face and claim self-defense." --phonsux
 "Woodsy the Owl" as you've never seen him before. --Troy
 "Fuckin' guardian angel craze. Nobody wants a poor fairy godmother anymore..." --nice personality
 Dammit, Spinnwebe! I said I wanted a picture of Heidi Fliess!!! --Doc Evil
 Are you SURE they did the Macarena in the Middle Ages? --Yakk
 Methinks thine hath run through yon Ugly Forest naked again, only to have every branch hit thee mercilessly. --Don Spudleone
 FRAMING HAZARD no 37: Place the photographic emphasis on your foreground subjects as "in-between" spaces may appear pointless or odd. --ChoppingBlock
 Miller Lite's new spoof of the guys who dress up as ladies -- it's RenFaire time! --Don Spudleone
 The Bosolitch family reunion didn't go so well. --ChoppingBlock
 Jennifer Juniper sits upon the hill. Jennifer Juniper sitting very still. Is she sleeping? I don't think so. Is she breathing? Yes, very low. But the question is, who cares?! --tv's Spatch
 I forgot to shave my armpits. Now I'll never be queen of the maypole! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Woodstock III gets off to a slow start.... --Waldo
 Ahh, the Ren Faire . . . Herpes, genital warts and the less attractive STDs of the decade. Yes, come and experience sanitary conditions of the middle ages. --phonsux
 Funny or not--who the fuck thinks that sun-flowers are pretty? --phonsux
 Forget the sunblock on your arms, honey, how about putting some on those vein encrusted breasts that you have jammed up to your throat? --phonsux
 This was supposed to be a nice picture of a woman sitting in the grass, but unfortunately the Red Power Ranger stuck his head in front of the lens, making the whole thing silly. --The decapitated loser
 Goddammit, it is time for a man to play Orphelia yet again! --Colin
 Yet another victim slowly being devoured by the Mutant Carnivorous Daisies. --Mr. Groovy
 "Just when you think the veins are all tapped...BINGO!" --Jinx
 Esmeralda performs her Dance of the Defecating Swan before a less-than-appreciative audience. --The Lawyer
 "Yeah? Well, up thine too, bull's pizzle! --SomeDumbGuy
 Even the medieval cultures enjoy David Byrne's wacky little "Same as it Ever Was" dance. --Strumpo
 This summer's hit: "The Flower Child vs. The Giant Cheek of Death"! --Emil Blovin
 When the acid finally wore off, Paul had to take a really hard look at himself. --Anonywuss
 Snnooorrt. Ah, so that's what "Greensleeves" is about! --His Imperial Majesty
 In keeping with her respect for historical accuracy, Rennaissance Fair wench "Marie" tries to hide her track marks. --Shifter

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