IADL #145
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 Ladies and gentlemen, Spinnwebe presents The Shallow End of the Gene Pool. --Grendel
 I still don't know whut the hell it is, Billy-Bob. But I'm gawddamn glad I bought it. --Wanker
 Yes, YES! This horn shall exact the vengance on Doris! Never again shall she interrupt my bowling coverage with her Lifetime Originals! --Skywise
 Butch misses the symbolism of his cup runneth over, and stays pissed off because of the spilt beer for the rest of the day. --phonsux
 "I tell ya, I just don't get these mid-evil fairs. What these people needed was some propane and propane accessories." --Shifter reporting from the set of 'King of the Hill -The Movie.'
 Hey! My horn ain't got no lizards in it! I want my money back! --Troy
 The Amazing Randi is skeptical over his cup of O'Doul's. --(apologize for the celebrity) frick
 The Horn, a symbol of masculinity and prowess, should always be accompanied by chaps, tight demins or leathers. --ChoppingBlock
 I think you're supposed to drink wine out of it, Jimbo. --ChoppingBlock
 See? Professional wrestlers like Ren Faires, too. --tv's Spatch
 "Rhino horn my ass!", thought Jim. "This thing is 100% water buffalo if it's anything!" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Da bears! Ditka is wastin' his time with dem crappy Saints . . . aaauuuuugh! me, heart! -blah, blah, another SNL bit out-livig its usefulness, bleah, bleah . . . . --phonsux
 Old coots and tap beer . . . it just doesn't get any better than this . . . . --phonsux
 Uh oh. Santa shouldn't have made that "Jingle Bells" remark. Somebody's gonna get his ass whupped! --The decapitated unfunny guy
 As Boss Hogg raised his flower bouquet to strike, Uncle Jesse recoiled in fear. --Mr. Groovy
 "Is this guy pickin' your scab like he's pickin' mine?" --Jinx
 I dunno, Bill. I just don't think the "lathered but not shaven" look is in this summer. --The Lawyer
 The real story: Santa and his elves.As "jolly" St. Nick cruises the renaissance faire, his elfen thugs keep all suspicious passersby at an acceptable distance. --Strumpo
 "Wait, you said the first train leaves New York at 3:00, right? And the second train leaves Dallas at 2:00? Damn, I'm stumped" --Goon
 Check for me, my eyes are still there, right? They haven't fallen out again? --Colin

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