IADL #146
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 10 million surly geeks served. --Skywise
 I swear to god, the next D&D geek to call me 'milord' will wear this bowl of dog food! --Skywise
 And that was the moment Bernie saw his first leper. --Shifter
 Now I wants ya to get Fat Tony and wack 'im! Wack 'im good! --Bill
 Hey Vasquez! Anyone ever mistake you for a man? --Doc Evil
 Guess the gender and win a free leather mug. --Doc Evil
 "Don't you bad-mouth Magic: The Gathering! That game ROCKS!" --Heath
 Oh man, this "genuine" mid-evil food looks and tastes like crap! --Lamer
 One of Kurt Vonnegut's less glamorous fans about to get blueberry stains on his Cat's Cradle T-shirt. --phonsux
 Jimmy spots another amputee. There's the one behind him. And the meat tastes less like chicken and more like mammal. He begins to wonder if a Soylent Green caption snuck in when he wasn't looking. --phonsux
 Boy...mud to stretch out in, titties to drool at, and all the oily little black things I can eat...It don't get much better than this. --Wanker
 I just know he's staring at a monolith. Any minute now, and he's going to start beating the Merrie Jestyr to death with a jawbone. --Shifter
 "Hey baby I'm ready for love and I've got the rubbers to prove it!"--More questionable opening lines from "Love is Hell III: The Apocalypse." --DieLifeDie
 National Lampoon's Mouthbreather's Vacation. --Krud
 "Damn creep... <munch munch chew> I tell ya... <munch slurp> if I was really a 10th-level Fighter... <crunch munch slurp chew> I would'a kicked his ass. <burp>" --Shifter
 Billy Corgan, chillin' out backstage at the Smashing Pumpkins show with his bowl of olives and a ball of rolled up Wonder Bread. --Low-Fat Banana Studmuffin
 Wish they'd let us have utensils. Damn stuff ate off two of my fingers already. --Yakk
 Mmmmmm...... Heroin Krunchies.... I love you so...... --Big Jim
 Hey, wait! That kid's a key grip on "H.R. Pufnstuff"! --frick
 As Marie the junkie wench bent waa-aa-ay over to pick up her syringe, Roy gets both his first ever glance at bodacious cleavage.....and his first jeans creaming. --Moe The Maneater
 The Bosolitch family reunion didn't go very well. --ChoppingBlock
 There was a stiff class system at the carnival. Obese limbless women in blue and green were given chairs. All others had to sit in the mud. --ChoppingBlock
 "That's funny, this bowl of Endeleth's Magicke Azure Grains tastes just like Boo-Berry..." --tv's Spatch
 Violet Beauregarde back to her old tricks in "Willy Wonka II: The Death of Charlie" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Coke's worst campaign idea since New Coke: Special Coke . . . . --phonsux
 "Hey, are you sure these are fresh? I think I taste cowshit." --Mr. Groovy
 "These asphalt chunks really ARE a 'Taste of Chicago.'" --Jinx
 Here, we see the cyanide taking effect. The next frame will show this person face down in the bowl of whatever kind of food that is. Next frame, please.... --The Lawyer
 Oh, Shit. What's that universal sign for choking again? --M.C. Matty G
 Security photo of a mind flayer fleeing from its latest meal. --Emil "Nethack forever" Blovin
 Johnny had bought 3 Amulets of IADL Protection, but they didn't help. --Anonywuss
 As Lardass ate the prunes and hard-boiled eggs, he knew he'd soon have his revenge... --Goon
 An authentic Renaissance environment complete with Diet Cherry Coke. --Colin
 I really can't see myself ever regreting chewing tobacco. --Colin
 My God, what is that leather mug maker doing to that tree?!!! --Colin

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