IADL #147
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 This week on "Homemaking with Baba Yaga..." --Bill
 It was a tough choice. Either watch "Family Matters", or the plant. Wendy finally went with the plant. --Geoduck
 If you look real closely, you can see someone taking a picture of a girl watching TV of a guy taking a picture of a girl watching a TV. --Don Spudleone
 I always knew the women's bathrooms were better than the men's..... --Don Spudleone
 Aauugh! Composition Hell! --phonsux
 Man, Keane's hanging plant sure gets around. --phonsux
 IADCH: It's a Dysfunctionally Constructed House. --phonsux
 I admit it; I never knew crystal balls were that advanced. --Shifter
 Quarterback-Cam --Shifter
 Lucy Lawless watches her own show every week, without fail. --Colin
 "...and here children, is a less popular spot on the zoo tour - the Slacker Cage. It seems the alpha male is out 'getting smokes', or sleeping. The female here is quite docile, as long as you don't block her TV screen..." --Blueberry Studmuffin
 No amount of South Pacific could make Marsha exotic. --ChoppingBlock
 No caption!? Heck, there's not even a picture available for this picture! --Yakk
 Its so sad when healthy young people have nothing better to do than reenact old Monty Python skits. --DieLifeDie
 Canine's Funniest Home Videos: Rabid Dog Mangles TV-Watching Girl. --Ratman
 "So like, life sucks and stuff....I'm going to miss todays episode of Singled Out" --spaz
 "All those men, pushing and thrusting as hard as they can.....If only I were a bike in the Tour De France" --spaz
 I don't know what city this is from, but their water towers are NICE... --Troy
 After the radioactive satellite shrapnel crash-landed in her condo, Julie could get ALL the channels... --Troy

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