IADL #148
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 Little Joey Lipshitz, pictured here in geek jeans and crappy t-shirt, would often recount, tearfully, the shame of his friends and family tying him to the front of the boat as a counterweight. --Skywise
 Charon modernizes his business. --alanon
 "Why do they call it a 'poop' deck? Whoops, never mind!" --Big ol' Bob
 Few people know that before their success at ABC, Love Boat was actually a cable access show, seen here with special guest Ned Beatty. --Bill
 Damn cropping! Look what you did to my boat! --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 "Okay... just a little faster, then a quick bootleg turn to the right and they'll roll right off. Damn squatters!" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 The strongest evidence in the lawsuit against the navy proved to be this last second video transmission from the missile prior to impact. --seaman
 Billy the Idiot Boy sat on the bow and rubbed his hands gleefully. This was even cooler than Miami Vice! --tv's Spatch
 Tonight on Difficult Zone Theatre: Five passengers set sail that day for a three-hour tour... A three-hour tour. --Doc Evil
 Huh-huh-huh... Seamen. --Doc Evil
 " Boatniks II: Cruise Control " --Doc Evil
 Oh God, how many Baywatch captions will this generate?!? --Emil Blovin
 Fortunately, John's extra-large pants acted as a drag-chute and the boat was spared the rocks. --Emil Blovin
 Knight Boat saves the day as it finds another fjord to capture the evil doers! --Don Spudleone
 "If I gun the engine just right, the kid up front will do a triple lundy when we hit this next wave." --spaz
 Tired of preying on the inactive and lethargic the IADL photography swat team ventures out into the world of sports. --ChoppingBlock
 After 37 days lost in the Pacific the man in the yellow tanktop bore a striking resemblence to a hotdog. --ChoppingBlock
 The first set for Waterworld called for revisions. --ChoppingBlock
 Billy laughed as they shivered from hypothermia. "Now who looks stupid!" --Ralph
 Unfortunately, the resort's dinner theater production of "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre" turned out to be a logistical nightmare. --The Interrupting Cow
 After months of captivity at a water animal park, FlipperBoy could hardly contain his excitement as his former keepers brought him closer to where he belonged. --phonsux
 "Mac! . . . MAC!" "Just steer the freakin' boat, Cheswick!" --phonsux
 Tch. You thought the Jaws reference was damn near Impossible Zone, just try tying fishing line to a hook wearing oven mits. --phonsux
 "Over to our right, you'll see one of these magnificent- <thud-a-thunk> ...OK, never mind that. To the left, you can spot- <thud-a-thunk> ...uh, all right, directly ahead of us..." --Overhead at the Manatee Sightseeing Tour

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