IADL #149
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 I'll bet that's the last time they bring sushi on a picnic --mutantdog
 The more overdramatic members of GreenPeace staging some protest or another. --phonsux
 The last annual Heaven's Gate Picnic. --Sean Hart
 One of God's punishments not mentioned in the Bible: the Hail of Frozen Chickens --mutantdog
 After some Garlic-balls and roast beef, Jimmy's breath excedes normal dropping range and strikes a good fifty paces beyond the kissing bridge. --phonsux
 Well, I say they DIDN'T have contact lenses to lose in the Middle Ages! --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 Wow...like, it's nice to know the Love-in isn't dead, man... --witchiepoo
 Here at Benchhenge, we try to recreate the ancient druidic rites, but there's only so much three little ole witches can do! Some days we get all tuckered out, and have to take a Ritual Nap. --witchiepoo
 Here we see a group of tourists from Wisconsin after a long morning in the beer tent. --amblue
 Using the power of the tree's life force, Fawn causes her friends to soil themselves in their sleep. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Caligula, you bastard! --Colin
 You did it! You knocked down all three wenches on your first try! You win the enormous stuffed panda! --mutantdog
 "... and in the Midwest, another heatwave has 'em dropping like flies!..." --Marty McFly
 Afflicted by an extreme rare case of gravitational dyslexia, Molly holds onto the tree for dear life. --Heath
 Although it may seem cruel, it is merely nature's way of ensuring the survival of only the healthiest RenFaire goer, and strengthens the species as a whole. --alanon
 As Skippy the Mime walked away, leaving only corpses in his wake, he thought to himself: "Let's see Marcel Marceau top that!" --anon
 A community theater production of "Jamestown: The Musical". --jimkata
 I hear worms....do you hear worms? --Waldo
 ...Meanwhile, over at the Black Death exhibit... --Shifter
 Victims of the dreaded "Montezuma's Revenge Bird" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 Damn! Tryptophan's a mother fucker! --Noonan68
 "It was such a great idea to have a moonshine making exhibit at the festival this year.." --spaz
 collapsing from exhaustion, Trish and Janie realized they could never outrun the hideous Long Black Benches. --Low Fat Banana Studmuffin
 The crowds that showed up for the Vanilla Ice Comeback Tour '97 were less than enthusiastic. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Shit! This is the lamest orgy I've ever seen..... --scumbagz

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