IADL #151
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 Jack O' Latern gets a job guessing children's weight by picking them up by the hair. --Big Bad Barbarian
 "So, can you pick up Channel 9 with those?" --Heath
 If only MC Hammer had spent his fortune wisely, he could have retired today. --Heath
 "Kimmie! Don't bother the side show freaks dear, it's not polite." --Ralph
 Hey, you know they say head fat is the hardest to lose. I still support the Slim Fast system. --alanon
 At closing time, the Bear With No Face would come out and frighten the slower children toward the exits. --mutantdog
 Fear not, good citizens! Johnny One-Nut is here! --Don Spudleone
 I think this picture pretty much explains why Euro-Disney isn't doing so well.... --Don Spudleone
 The crowd cheers for the appearance of 'Bilos', melon-headed god of sexuality, at the Iraqi renn fayre. --Riff
 Is it me, or is that the head to a "snork" costume? --Riff
 John Doe #2 has found a way of hiding his face without arousing suspicion. --His Imperial Majesty
 I'll bet this guy wishes he'd studied harder in high school. --The Lawyer
 Suddenly, Pamela Anderson's silicon implants back up into her skull, as the crowd scatters... --Krud
 How people say "Do Not Touch." --anon
 Why doesn't this guy just wear a sign that says "Please pull my pants down and kick me in the nuts"? --The decapitated fellow
 Mommy!...the wierd guy in the cartoon suit is peeing on me! --waldo
 A still photo from the documentary "How to live with Goiters". --Waldo
 It's a little known fact that later in his life John Merrick went into full-time clowning. --Shifter
 sigh... ...How the mighty Mayor McCheese has fallen... --Shifter
 The newest marketing idea from Disney....Gonad heads!...Stuffed toys coming soon. --Noonan68
 Public appearences were always tough for 'the elephant man', but the thrill of signing autographs was in his blood. --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Dysfunctional Family Circus Land opened to record crowds. Here, unsupervised children are invited to 'Ride the Wild Jeffy.' --Bill
 Frozen with fear, Katie stood perfectly still, trying to avoid the gaze of the death squirrel. --Caine
 The Minotaur of this labyrinth is just too damned goofy looking. --Anonywuss
 Screen shot from the soon-to-be-released, Attack of the Killer Twinkies. --Steevie

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