IADL #152
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 After defeating the Baskin-Robbins Girls in an alley on 51st street, the baddest gang in the city stalks its next victims, the TGI Friday servers... "c'mon guys," the leader says, "We're gonna kick their bottoms!" --Lance Hall
 Yet another street shot that would have been improved by the presence of a Twister board. --Heath
 After take one of the "Schlameel Schlamazel Hasenpfeffer Incorporated" sequence, they cut the cast of Laverne & Shirley & Philip & Annabelle & Lefty & Vince & Sheila & Todd. --Heath
 "When you're a Dork, you're a Dork all the wayyyyyyyy..." --The Interrupting Cow
 A group of Vegan zombies wanders the streets of the city, looking for human-flavored tofu. --His Imperial Majesty
 Tonight on "Tame Kingdom," a heard of slack-jawed whitebacks migrates to the mating grounds. --The Most Rev. HolyOley
 Hey! You with the camera! There's a bus comin' up right... Damn. --Doc Evil
 Pasty white skins, no jackets, unsuccessful in general . . . yep, fairly worthless middle office personel, nothing here worth hurting, let's move on . . . . --phonsux
 "Come on! There's GOT to be someone we can surrender to!" --Big ol' Bob
 "Oh, no! The sign just changed to `don't walk'! Quick, everybody -- freeze!" --nice personality
 Okay, who freed these guys from the Wussy Wagon? --Riff
 Even in downtown Cairo, everybody must walk like an Egyptian ... --Riff
 Keep moving, everyone ... stick together ... watch out for the killer cars! --Riff
 Toward the end of the summer, the wild white-backed buisnessmen begin their migration from midtown to Wall Street. --Riff
 This is either the calmest pack of flesh-eating zombies ever or the lamest conga line ever! --Riff
 The Dark Knight's cry of rage could be heard throughout Gotham - Mr. Freeze had claimed the lives of seven more innocents. --Riff
 Hypocrites! Slackers! They're giving "angry mobs" a bad name! --Don Spudleone
 Puzzle Time at IADL: Spot The Goalie! --tv's Spatch
 The Cold Green Bell Peppers were just too modest to make it big. --Emil Blovin
 Dude, that's like four hundred points right there. --The fool decapitated
 Join The Army....see the world! --Pfc Waldo
 I swear I can pick the big one off from this range...uh oh...Shhhh...I think he's spotted us. --Noonan68
 Zortron tries to fit into normal society, but his gleaming headplate gives him away. --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 All the "Fifth Beatles" line up for their new album: "John Really Wanted Us In The Band" --Bill
 The cast of Fame still wanders these streets, wating for a song to start. --Anonywuss

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