IADL #154
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 Something about this just _screams_ "Jonestown with stuffed animals." --The Interrupting Cow
 "Ein reich! Ein volk! Ein burger! Vegan raus! Raus! HEIL!" --The Interrupting Cow
 The reunion KISS concert was humiliating for all involved. --Colin
 I think those jokes about "both are run by a clown named Ronald" went out at the end of the 80's, pal. --Colin
 Hello boys and girls--do *you* believe in magic? (Translation: I'm in hell, please kill me.) --Colin
 It's an all-ages GWAR concert. --His Imperial Majesty
 Scenes from the future: the next Woodstock festival. --anon
 Do you believe in magic? Eat our food and don't keel of a heart attack, fatty! --Skywise
 At the " Taste of Chicago " children are exposed to forces they can't begin to understand... --Doc Evil
 "And guess what! That whole Ronald McDonald House thing? Just a scam to make me even richer! MUHAHAHA! Now get out! The show's over!" --Big ol' Bob
 "Birdie...The Fry Guys...Hamburglar...Grimmace...I guess that's about it. Any questions NOT related to my anal-sex life?" --Goon
 "I'd like to personally apologize for the Arch Deluxe meals..." --DoomTrout
 "OK, Who here wants to help me show everyone how a cow becomes a Big Mac? I need a volunteer!" --Shifter
 Ladies and gentlemen, Grimace has left the building! --Riff
 Two minutes later, McDonalds had a dead clown and a class-action lawsuit on their hands. --Riff
 What's in the secret sauce? I can't say. But I can tell you one thing: This ain't makeup! --Riff
 The sickening thing is, this clown actually causes people to buy burgers. And we call ourselves civilized.... --The Lawyer
 The slow and sad decline of Art Garfunkel's career. --no one of any consequence
 Happy birth-day, Mr. President. Happy birth-day to you ... --Riff
 Suddenly, the Marilyn Manson concert took a dark turn. --Bill
 Geez, Spinnwebe. Don't you guys ever wonder who you might be pissing off? --Riff
 Alice Cooper sells out; McDonald's stock rises 3 points: news at 11! --Marty McFly
 Yeah, I gots yer " Sesame seed buns " right here, baby! --Doc Evil
 "What's life like in McDonaldland? Well, Timmy, I think I can answer that question in six words... tantric sex with the fry guys. Who's got another question?" --tv's Spatch
 "And remember, kids, this is what you look like if you lead a vegan lifestyle! Good night, god bless, and eat up!" --tv's Spatch
 Have you folks ever wondered how to cut those vegetables, like the professionals? So did I, till I found this fabulous new invention! --Skywise
 Yeah, sure, you graduated High School. Look to the left and right of you. Those people will be working for me Monday. --Skywise
 "Could you please sit down, sir? Your scalp is blinding the children!" --Big ol' Bob
 This is the last Lollapalooza I ever go to! Talk about selling out! --anon
 You know, I think Michael Jackson is starting to look a little healthier today. --alanon
 While popular in the suburbs, "Rappin' Ronald" just didn't sell in the 'hood. How wac! --anon
 Even Space Station Freedom couldn't resist slipping into a low-earth orbit in order to see Ronald McDonald in concert. --Emil Blovin
 In his final days Frank Sinatra's mind finally snaps. --waldo
 "Mayor McCheese? Hey, is that you, man? Jesus, long time no see! Come on up here! C'mon!" --Shifter
 Stangers in my pants...Exchanging fluids.....doo doo be doo doo....Thank you..I'm here all week...Doo be doo doo doo.... --Noonan68
 My, that Dennis Rodman gets around in the offseason, doesn't he? --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Instead of the "Red Shoe Review", today I'd like to present a little routine I call 'Seven Words You Can Never Say When You're a Clown'. --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Yes, that's correct, only 15 grams of fat for the grilled chicken no sauce, side salad fat free ranch, and Iced Tea with Lemon. Now can I get back to my fucking kids' show, lady? --Tortelvis Grenkle
 Which one of you kids wants to blow me? --Anonywuss
 Okay, it's a tough crowd, I'll go to the dick jokes. Dick jokes always work. --Anonywuss
 This is what happened to the McDonald's executive who pitched the "Slingblade" happy-meal action-figure promo. --Anonywuss
 Hi kids! I'm Newt Gingrich, and I'd like to say a few words about the Republican Party. --Lurch
 "And I... want to beeeee.. Anarchy! Fucking Destroy!" --Caine
 ... I put my hand upon your hip,when-you-dip-I-dip-we-dip....*sigh* this job blows... You put your hand upon my hip,when-you-dip-I-dip-we-dip.... --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Woe! "Star Search" really went downhill since McDonalds took over sponcership. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon

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